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    LokiHasWeirdSperm April 4, 2022 at 1:01 pm

    Who woulda guessed it’d be pixel art that caused the nuclear Armageddon.

  2. In the middle of all this stuff I’m just amazed that we are seeing the Spanish, French and American communities colide like this lmao. I would have never imagined that one day we would have Mizkif, XQC and Hasan on a call with Rubius and Ibai, this is nuts lol.

  3. Beginning of r place: Clueless Ahh, what a nice open space to put my cute drawings

    *2 days later*: We have annexed the entire nation of France and formed an alliance with the Void

  4. man the youtube documentaries that are gonna be made about /r/place are going to be great

  5. this clout goblin manage to insert himself in a situation between two streamers with 200k viewers

    i don’t think he’s ever been this happy in his entire life

  6. Mizkif’s ability to farm drama is FUCKING INSANE. Don’t know how he does it…


  7. Funny how 1 month ago I thought russia would start WW3, when in reality it is mizkif

    edit: Miz, Hasan and the spanish (rubius + ibai) have officially declared war on france.
    Please everyone. Hug your mums.

    post-war edit: the united alliance lost against the french. History repeats itself,
    David won against Goliath.

    Peace talks have begun:

    – Alliance member Mizkif fully surrendered to the french.

    – Together they build an alliance, creating a monument for reckful

  8. More than 500k viewers in a call and the smallest streamer decides they’ll go to war. I really don’t get how Mizkif pulled this off…

  9. Miz is the true puppet master, he is just pulling the ropes while everyone is going crazy lmao, idk how he does it but he truly is the master of farming and drama, dude had like all the biggest streamers in a call at the same time fighting over pixels and they were asking him what to do! LMAO.

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    Free_Perception7124 April 4, 2022 at 1:01 pm

    So far what I’ve got out of it is its basically a coordinated attack of Hasan 50k, Mizkif 50k, & Ibai 60k viewers & Rubius 170k viewers vs. the French streamer Kamet0 200k viewers. Those 4 are trying to take down the giant Eiffle tower, with the Hasbulla meme that Hasan put up. WW3: America & Spain vs France.

  11. VeryPog WW3

  12. Asmon goes on a Crusade, Mizkif causes WW3. One True King.

  13. Mizkif is the Grand Vizier of /r/place

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    Fishandchipslover22 April 4, 2022 at 1:01 pm

    This is by far some of the best content I’ve seen since the first rust!

  15. I can’t believe the first collab of the Hispanic and English communities will be attacking France in r/place. LULE

  16. What the hell happened to the Cussy while I was napping? They made a massacre out of my boy.

  17. This has been the best content I have seen in a long time. Over a million viewers watching France, Spain and America negotiate the terms of peace only to result in WW3 over pixels

  18. I imagine this is how it goes when UN war generals meet up with each other to discuss current events

  19. And the Chilean flag holding strong FeelsStrongMan

  20. I cant believe im witnessing WW3

  21. World war 1 was started because of 1 man dying. World war 3 will start because of 1 pixel art event.

  22. That was a pretty wild night lmao, good content tho

  23. French [Extrem Right wing](https://twitter.com/ZemmourEric/status/1510754316872732688) trying to use this event as a fame boost. Streamers aren’t sure to keep going because of this

  24. Its crazy how botted it is everyone single one of the French accounts are brand new with 0 post history.

  25. the Mizkif going to war emote is so adorably cute. I want it.

  26. This entire event honestly feels like a Kids Next Door episode. It’s fucking awesome in the exception of the people going ultra nationalists about their flags.

  27. Clueless This won’t cause more hate threads against streamers on r/place

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    Odd_Organization618 April 4, 2022 at 1:01 pm

    I love that miz is dressed like Umaruchan the entire time

  29. hes gone too far this time

  30. queen elizabeth sends her regards

  31. Actually this is worse than 9/11. I didn’t know when I started participating in r/place that anybody would be able to change any tile at will. I was under the impression that all of my favorite tiles would remain untouched and then xqc shows up and tells people to just click on the tiles that HE wants to change. UNBELIEVABLE.

  32. people are taking this r/place shit way too seriously

  33. We really don’t need anyone to do that, that passive agressive war it’s being going on for centuries

  34. This is the lowest tier content on twitch I’ve ever seen. I don’t want to hear shit about GTA RP not being entertaining when everyone’s watching this.

  35. i hope this trend die quick this shit is lame af

  36. [deleted]

  37. That’s a shame. France’s flag was cool, though Italy’s is another level.

    Edit: Wow, such a controversial thing I said…

  38. What does his shirt say?

  39. [deleted]

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