1. You mean Brazil?

  2. Brazil:![img](emote|t5_3ndbi|6700)

  3. Americans going from watching night races during the day to a daytime race in the middle of the night:


  4. Just realized I’ll be able to go straight in from watching the MMA to the race. Going to be a long night but still heaven

  5. I live in Australia, and tbh I prefer races in European time because it means 11 pm here. If the race sucks, I can go to sleep and watch the replay the next day.

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  7. Also u need to flip the monitor upside down to watch it properly

  8. Back to light mode smh

  9. Are you saying you haven’t seen daylight since the Mexico GP? I’m slightly worried.

  10. Damn, true. Never thought of that myself.

  11. I’m a simple man. I see Thurston I upvote.

  12. Brazil ![img](emote|t5_3ndbi|9065)

  13. I love 7AM races, you wake up early, watch the race, go back to sleep again

  14. Also watching it AT night so it’s a double whammy.

  15. At dawn!

  16. I’m a simple man, I see Thurston Waffles and I up vote

    Best shrimpy boy

  17. Don’t worry, it’s Melbourne in April so it will be overcast.

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