1. I think that’s a completely reasonable response

  2. Mattobomber

  3. I think he’s mad from render error

  4. oh well, at least there wasn’t any cougars


  6. God I want this on the recap so badly

  7. He had enough

  8. For ding dongs: No IP numbers are higher than 255, so, in fact, if you somehow thought this is legit, then, it, in fact, is not.

  9. Typical omegle chat

  10. Next thing you know he brings out the cougars

  11. Twitter user speedrun any%

  12. A few hundred more upvotes and you’ll just barely slip *right* into the April recap. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait a month.

  13. Me when I purposely spread misinformation on the internet

  14. Just another xbox mw2 lobby

  15. Not a real address but alright

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