1. Imma need to come back and read the comments on this later, because I’m math people

  2. I blame schools. They teach maths wrong.

    It’s more of a language, a formal way of expressing a concept, than it is a science. And yet they teach it like a science, a means of understanding a thing, instead of teaching it like a language, a means of communicating a thing.

    So people who like science are alienated because it’s taught like a science but it isn’t, and people who like the arts are alienated because it’s really closer to the arts but it’s not treated like it is.

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    Jane_motherofkittens April 5, 2022 at 5:38 am

    If you like watching Mathemagicians explain their arcane mastery of this forbidden knowledge, [check out the YouTube channel Numberphile.](https://www.youtube.com/c/numberphile)

  4. Most people don’t realize that they don’t *really* want to understand the Mysteries of the Universe.

  5. Ngl, a good part of it is that people don’t always have the best math teachers.

    Because of how math builds on itself, missing even a single step in your education of it can make everything after no longer make sense, and trying to do higher level math without that missing piece is an exercise in frustration.

    Aside from that, discalcula is also a thing that exists and probably also accounts for some hatred.

  6. I love being a math people, it just makes sense. When I lay in bed I do math in my brain. When I look at collections of items I count them then factor out the numbers. I AM God.

  7. Math is a language. We made up some rules to how we think numbers ought to work based on some stuff that made sense given how we interacted with the world, and then we extrapolated some more rules and some more rules, made up some new phonemes here and there (think pi and *e*) and we use these to express ideas and concepts and build bigger concepts.

    When I started thinking of it like these it seemed a lot less esoteric. You still need to do the work to understand *why* integrals and derivatives and geometric summing series work the way they do, but once you get the concept, the syntax, you realize that it’s just describing some weird interactions of numbers and creating a shorthand for some of those things. The fact that some of them are useful in reality is largely because math is entirely descriptivist – it describes emergent phenomena. Calculus wasn’t invented, it was logically reasoned from algebra.

  8. Don’t worry, I understand maths but don’t have reading/social comprehension in exchange. It isn’t worth it.

  9. So 2 x 2 should actually be expressed as 2 sets of a set containing 2 elements (with each element = 1). When rewritten this way we get 2 x {1,1}, or {1,1} + {1,1}, which can be converted to either {2,2} or {1,1,1,1}. Examining these sets we will see we either have 1 set containing 2 elements of 2, or we have 1 set containing 4 elements of 1. If we simply merge these individual sets together by adding their elements (2+2 or 1+1+1+1), we are clearly left with 1 set containing 1 element of 4. Since we have reduced our sets down to one with the smallest number of elements, we can conclude that 2 x 2 = 4.

    Source: Common core or something, idk.

  10. *Image Transcription: Tumblr*


    math people scare me. math people will be like “math works in mysterious ways TO YOU. i get it though.” and they do and it’s fucking terrifying.


    and if you ask them to elaborate they will but then you’ll wish they didn’t

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  11. I’m not a math person but I love the concept of higher dimensions. John Conway’s Monster is a fascinatingly beautiful phenomenon of natural science and it deeply enchants me.

  12. 11 was a prime number.

  13. Like math is just logic, you just repeat a pattern, it’s hum’s people that scare me, every time something seems to have some kind of logic behind it the teacher is like “okay here’s like 20 exceptions”

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    Brilliant-Pudding524 April 5, 2022 at 5:38 am

    Yeah i studied math and sometimes i am like: so you can multiply numbers? Well ita a big luxury you know

  15. you can tell whether or not someone is good at math by asking them if they think counting is hard

  16. Y’all don’t even know how scary it gets

  17. lol don’t worry sometimes we just pretend to know how it works too :”))

  18. Math person here.

    A couple days ago I started thinking about which item does your true love give to you the most in the Twelve Days of Christmas song. I haven’t check which one is actually the most repeated but I got the formula for how much of each K item you get for a list of N elements (N-K+1)*K. Then I gave it the name the N Days of Christmas, felt proud of myself and left it at that because I got home from walking the dog.

    Edit: Now that I look at it written down I can see that you get the most of which ever item is in the position number N/2 (rounding up for odd numbers and including N/2+1 for even numbers)

  19. As a math person, I can assure you we have no idea what the fuck we’re talking about but we put it in the numbers machine and it works so we pretend we understand it

  20. I’m scared of everyone in this comment section. Time to dig a hole in the ground and read a book.

  21. It’s fucking wizard math and I feel like I’ve got just enough of a grasp of it to use it but not to explain how it works

  22. i fucking read that last sentence and almost started a paragraph about how math is easy if you break it down in a specific way, the tumblr OP is right

  23. My favorite line with regards to engineering: “Ahh, multi-dimensional vector calculus! That’s back in the day when this stuff was easy!”

  24. My fan theory is that as you dig even deeper into the advanced realms of mathematics, the true nature of things is lain bare before you. You start to see reality as sets of formulas and variables, and as your mind unravels, you dig even deeper into mathematics, desperately hoping to find again that sweet shroud of ignorance you took for granted reading the only thing that makes sense now. You can no longer function in society, and study in isolation. Papers pile up and scatter and yellow. Innumerable chalk, sketching arcane diagrams, bleach your fingers as they do your hair.

    The math haters know truly the dangers of math, and know not to peer so deeply into that inky abyss.

  25. I gotta say, it drives me nuts when math people try to make EVERYTHING math. You can’t apply numbers to all of human existence. Psychologists tried to explain human mental states with math but average people don’t hear about those guys because their theories weren’t good and nobody uses it. (This was an attempted explanation of human thinking, not a study with statistics about observable human behavior)

    I also recently bickered with my partner about something where he was asking about the numbers of the thing, and said, there aren’t any??? This isn’t something you explain like that??? That’s not relevant to what I’m telling you anyway??? I forget what it was, but it was something that didn’t make any sense to try to apply numbers to, like a literature interpretation or something

  26. Oh yeah it’s so “obvious” that the square root of fuck is bitch.

    What is maths but a miserable pile of numbers?

  27. Me going ass deep into a Calc problem realizing that the bell rang a minute ago

  28. Don’t worry, a lot of math these days isn’t even understandable to other mathematicians. There’s a lot of room for specialization in math.

  29. I had a guy explain to me why the number 2 doesn’t exist. He showed on a dirty car window. All I could think was “is anything real?”

  30. I was really good at GCSE Maths and then A-level Maths made my brain hurt and ruined one of the only subjects I liked.
    Same thing happened with Chemistry.

  31. heh heh heh

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    Rockport-Unlimited-2 April 5, 2022 at 5:38 am

    My therapist looked terrified (jokingly) when I started talking about my highschool trigonometry. I just… don’t get how people don’t get it. The numbers are all there, the formulas are all there, ya just gotta put the numbers in the formulas!

  33. I just like seeing matrices slap together like wet noodles

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    SemiSweetStrawberry April 5, 2022 at 5:38 am

    I never trusted math majors in college. I mean, you’d think I’d have gotten along with them with my being in engineering…no. Engineering students are just weird, math students have begun the delve into forbidden work and the eldritch knowledge has already driven them from humanity

  35. This people is to math person as medieval peasants were to “witchery.”

  36. As a math person I disagree. My math friends scare the shit out of me with their new math. It never ends. They all know a guy that solved an open question during a test.

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    Smooth-Zucchini4923 April 5, 2022 at 5:38 am

    Just browse /r/mathmemes, you’ll know all math in no time.

  38. once i realized that math is literally just memorizing the process of how to do something (ie an equation) it became so much easier. it’s not much different from following a recipe tbh

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