1. Fun story: my wife and I lived in Milan and taught English for a year. One of my adult students was just for conversation help, so we talked and talked and talked about places to visit in Italy. One of those places was Matera. He explained why, and I put it on a list of places we should try to visit and then put the list aside.

    Spring break rolled around and this guy invited us to his town in southern Italy for a few days. We happily went (was amazing, had a great time), and mapped out a few other places we wanted to go. Seeing that Matera wasn’t too far away, we snatched up some train tickets in the morning and took off.

    A few hours later our train was slowing down and pulling into the station. Suddenly it hit us: I turned to my wife and said “Wait. Where are we going once we get off the train?”

    She looked at me, dumbfounded, and said something like “I have no idea. This was on your list, wasn’t it?” A brief wave of something resembling panic hit us. Neither of us had EVER looked into *why* this was on the list since it first came up months earlier. So now we were laughing hysterically as we disembarked the train, not having the faintest idea what we were there to see or why we thought it would be so cool as to take a day away from the Puglian coast to visit.

    Ultimately we followed signs toward the city center, found a tourist map, and rediscovered that there were thousands-of-years-old cave dwellings that you could wander through, while there was also a charming town surrounding it.

    It was worth the trip, but our fondest memory of it – by leaps and bounds – was the completely bizarre feeling of having no recollection at all of why we were going there in the first place.

  2. That’s where they filmed part of the newest Bond movie, I think? Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, I’d like to go there.

  3. Very cool. Did you visit via Bari and did you rent a car? I’m planning a trip but don’t want to rent a car

  4. Spent a couple days here in summer 2019 and fell in love, easily the most magical place I have ever experienced. We originally booked a road trip through Puglia, our agent added Matera as the final stop and just said trust me. So lucky they did that, it was truly the highlight of an incredible trip.

  5. From where did you take the first photo? Is that viewpoint easily accessible and free? (Coming there in a few weeks) a google maps coordinates could help.

    Any restaurants/cafes you liked while there?


  6. Glorious. Thanks for adding another spot to our future So. Italy visit.

  7. Came from como lake and nearby villages one week ago. Matera is on my list for italy but right now como lake and around is my favourite. Especially, bellaggio, varenna, menaggio, nesso, moltrasio and villa balbionella (one of the star wars movie scene was filmed in there) are quite beatiful and charming. You should add your vacation list. Safe travels!

  8. Bond. James Bond.

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    toki_goes_to_jupiter April 4, 2022 at 10:11 pm

    I’m so pumped!! I’m going there this September!!!

    Do you have any recommendations for food or activities? What were you favorite aspects of matera?

  10. Your photos look so gorgeous! Nice and warm looking. What kind of lense or camera did you use?

  11. Beautiful 😍

  12. I was just there but it was raining

  13. I wonder how old those buildings are. Stunning place.

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    Aggravating_Ad_3060 April 4, 2022 at 10:11 pm

    Love the pics!!!

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    DigitalMarketing4222 April 4, 2022 at 10:11 pm

    nice location,

  16. I was looking around there on google street view and found cave houses. Did you see them?

  17. Wow! This is the city I’ve been wishing to visit the last time I’m in Italy. How long did you stay in Italy? 10 days doesn’t seem to be enough for me.

  18. Wow! I’m Italian but I’ve never been to Matera. These pictures make me wanna go visit it as soon as possible!

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    ToTheGodDamnMoon69 April 4, 2022 at 10:11 pm

    Looks incredible. I gotta get to Italy

  20. i find these tightly packed little towns perched on a hillside so magical! they’re fun to find on google maps and explore them on the street level.

  21. It’s gorgeous!! Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures 😘

  22. If that sentence started with the second word it’d still be true. Italy is just something else.

  23. Just Cause

  24. Matera is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. When I tell people about it and it’s history, it sounds like I’m a crazy person. I can’t to go back.

  25. Looks amazing! Thanks for inspiring me to go there 🙂

  26. That first picture is lit!!

  27. lyndell royal capital

  28. Home grown American here… 99.999% of Europe is drop dead gorgeous. However, yes, Italy is amazing.

  29. Loved it. Drove all the way down there on our last trip to Italy. Had to spend a few nights there.

  30. I can confirm that. Very unique town, one of the oldest in Europe.

  31. Great pics. This place has been on my list for years

  32. Not trying to be rude but I’ve been to nicer places

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