Macron accused of ‘negotiating with Hitler’ by Poland’s PM…

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+10921 – Macron accused of ‘negotiating with Hitler’ by Poland’s PM after talks with Putin

2022-04-04 12:20:08

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  1. French President Emmanuel Macron has been accused of “negotiating with Hitler” by Poland, after holding a series of 17 talks with Vladimir Putin since December last year.

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki hit out at the French leader for engaging with the Kremlin amid international efforts to isolate Moscow while it wages war in Ukraine.

    This morning it emerged that mass graves in villages of Irpin and Bucha had been discovered, as Russia was accused of deliberately targeting civilians.

    Morawiecki said according to the Times:: “President Macron, how many times have you negotiated with Putin? What have you achieved? Have you stopped any of the actions that have taken place?”

    “Criminals are not negotiated with, criminals must be fought. Nobody negotiated with Hitler. You would negotiate with Hitler, with Stalin, with Pol Pot afterwards?”

    Poland, which is a member of Nato, has taken in a reported 1m Ukrainian refugees, amid concerns the war could spill over into the country.

  2. Im no fan of Macron, but i really can’t see a big issue with keeping diplomatic channels open. Even talks that yield nothing cost nothing and at the very least help humanize oneself to one’s enemies and vice versa.

    If we get to a point where neither side will even consider talks that’s a bad thing.

  3. I’m not a Macron fan but he is in charge of representing EU for the first semester of 2022, so it’s legitimate for him to discuss with Russia. Now that he did little to help Ukraine, it’s a fact.

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    ballofplasmaupthesky April 4, 2022 at 10:21 pm

    Newsflash: we’d have had to negotiate with Hitler if he had 7,000 nukes. End of story.

  5. By this logic Ukraine is “negotiating with Hitler” too.

  6. I don’t get it. Does Poland want a shooting war between NATO and Russia ? If yes, please fire the first round. If not, then somebody needs to keep talking to him. It’s Poland doing it ? No. Then someone else has to. If it works, yay. If it doesn’t, Poland hasn’t lost anything. Where’s the problem?

  7. If he thinks this is bad, wait and see what happens if Le Pen wins.

  8. Macron might negotiate with Hitler, but Le Pen would suck his dick. I still hope that Macron wins the upcoming election.

  9. I actually find it amazing that Putin talks to him. Why does he do so? It suggests that deep down he does want normalized relations with the west post-war.

  10. What’s would have been so bad about talking to hitler? The opportunity cost of talking to putin seems worth while to me.

  11. At some point those false hope Macron calls became detrimental to the cause.

    All this while France delivered exactly zero weapons to Ukraine and French companies continue to work in Russia under his approval.

    As a Ukrainian I still hope he wins his election because fuck Le Pen but he needs to get back to reality.

  12. I’m wondering what Macron aim to get from negotiation indeed?

  13. Side note: La Pen would have handled this so much worse

  14. I don’t think he’s negotiating with him at all. He’s providing information that the west wants him to hear. Eg: one good thing that Macron almost certainly has delivered to Putin is info about Ukraine’s nuclear reactors. Another good thing he almost certainly has done is to remind Putin about triggers that might cause NATO to fall into the war eg gas, nukes.

  15. Poland had old axes to grind with Russia . It seems most Europeans have some axes to grind on Russia.

  16. I’m starting to think Poland isn’t very fond of Mr. Putin…

  17. Someone has to keep the line of diplomacy open so I respect Macron for at least trying to find a peaceful situation out of this crisis.

  18. There are certainly parallels between Putin and hitler, and appeasing hitler was a mistake.

    One thing that isn’t the same is that Putin can destroy the world (or at least our ability to live here). That changes things and we have to deal with that fact.

  19. Public infighting in Europe is music to Putin’s ears, fine to have this opinion even if I disagree, but say it to Macron directly, not in public.

  20. The option of negotiation must be kept open. And realistically the only end to this conflict will come from compromise. Whether we like it or not. Whether it’s fair or not.

  21. Not negotiation means fighting to death and destruction of the other side. In fact, both sides.

  22. The main focus should be to end the war asap, to save as many civilians as possible. Keeping communication channels open might help in avoiding a further escalation of the war and anyways cannot hurt. It would be bad if the West would not actively support Ukraine. But this way, the West keeps the channel open and tries to reason with Putin, while supplying Ukraine with weapons and resources to resist the Russian attack. It makes no sense to break off all channels of communication even if the results will be zero. You still have to try. Better to try than to think later what could have been if you would have tried. At least that’s how I see it.

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    standup-philosofer April 4, 2022 at 10:21 pm

    I mean, if you want peace you gotta talk.

  24. It would also be nice if Poland wasn’t following Hungary in democratic backsliding

  25. What alternative is there? We aren’t going to wage a war of conquest on Russia. The sooner this war ends the better off everyone will be.

  26. This is the problem with all the demonizing rhetoric. Yeah Putin is bad, but there is no changing that the only way the war ends is in a negotiation

  27. Hitler didn’t have the largest cache of nuclear weapons in the world. Is this detail really so minor it’s forgotten? The war cannot spill out of Ukraine, and thus it’s a war the Ukrainians will have to fight themselves alone with our indirect support. It’s up to Ukraine whether they want to keep fighting, and it’s up to them to deicde what is an acceptable settlement. The rest of Europe should support Ukraine, in war and in peace, but when an acceptable peace for Ukraine is attainable we shouldn’t be dragging our feet throwing around words like “appeasement” while the Ukrainians suffer the consequences of war.

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    IamCaptainHandsome April 4, 2022 at 10:21 pm

    So, Putin *is* a monster, but someone needs to be able to talk to him, otherwise there’s no chance this ends before Ukraine is turned to dust, or Russia does something insane.

  29. I’ve heard a though of some ex politican a few days ago.

    That putin is seeking for attention. He wants to be recognized as someone great. That’s why those calls from Macron works not as intended. For putin they are as a proof of his might. That another nations leader comes to him with pleads of peace. That’s why he wont stop.

  30. Appeasement doesn’t work but diplomacy is always worth a shot. Macron was right to try. Now we know that Russia is a rogue state and the time for diplomacy is over.

  31. All these Macron’s negotiations are just a PR campaign aimed at next week elections. Look at me I’m a peacekeeper.

    Nothing less, nothing more

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    kartoffelkartoffel April 4, 2022 at 10:21 pm

    But his buddy Orban is doing just fine.

  33. So the world wants this to end peacefully, but if you engage with Putin its called negotiating with Hitler? Do you they want WW3 or do they want peace?

  34. That would be stupid to cut all line of communication with Putin.

    Of course the diplomatic route is likely not working but it doesn’t cost any thing.

  35. “We only make peace with our enemies”

    Macron is doing the hard work of trying to slow the grinding machine of war. I can only presume that it does not mean he would not commit fully to a fight; if only in the most dire of need.

    “The side that knows when to fight and when not will take the victory. There are roadways not to be traveled, armies not to be attacked, walled cities not to be assaulted.” Sun Tzu

  36. This type of propaganda is pushed by Russia to devide the west. Please be aware and do not upvote.

  37. What is the alternative?
    We won’t act for fear of nuclear retaliation, and we are already applying sanctions.

  38. What else is he supposed to do?

  39. Why tf do these morons sound like they’re thristing for ww3?

  40. I hate Macron with all the fibers of my existence but wtf, of course when there’s tensions/a war you try to negociate and bring peace back?

  41. “You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth!”-Winston Churchill

  42. I really dislike the Hitler comparison. What Hitler did was so wastly different, it just isn’t comparable. At least call him a ‘would-be’ [Historical Figure]. I don’t think he has the ambition to be a Hitler, Stalin or Bonaparte. I think he’s just a mediocre political figure who is destroying the country unfortunate enough to have him as a leader.

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