1. What a bunch of lads. Can’t wait for a streamer to destroy it all.

  2. Wait aren’t we helping them complete the circle?

  3. unironically the best piece of art on r/place

    really hope that one stays, because i’m still sad that the Nami one got completely demolished

  4. From fantasy gang to one piece gang LONG LIVE THE ALLIANCE

  5. Kinda love having the stark sigil beneath Roger

  6. To be fair it was a way less clean “agreement” than that lmao, emotions where high on discord. I remember someone saying “we don’t have to make a deal with you when we are bigger and could just erase your art”

  7. One Piece is a fantasy series so they go together perfectly

  8. What absolute Chads

  9. Can someone explain that Roger pic? Seen in on a completely irrelevant subreddit

  10. Reply
    Swish_And_Flitwick April 4, 2022 at 10:57 pm

    Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia and has always allied with East Asia.

  11. my two favorite pieces of fiction are stormlight archive (and by extent the cosmere) and one piece, this art is perfect

  12. It was cute seeing Daniel Greene’s reaction to this on Twitter as one of the few creators who makes content od One Piece and fantasy books, this made him very happy. Hope someone on Merphy’s Discord shows it to her too.

  13. Can someone explain?

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