1. Man I’ve always wanted Batman content from the POV of his villains like Suicide Squad: Assault on Arkham where Batman is like the killer in a horror movie and there are parts where you can see Batman hunting the villains like predator.

  2. That’s actually pretty cool dude. Love the color choice

  3. Does anyone actually think Pattinson will show up for the shows?

  4. Wait there’s gonna be an Arkham show? All I knew was the penguin show and gcpd show

  5. mARKHAMill

  6. There’s a legit website that generates anything you type into the official logo

  7. Upvoted your post Some-Dog9800.

  8. this is really cool, but im not hopeful for this show tbh. why couldn’t they just have stuck w/ the gotham central concept? I want more gordon lol

  9. God damn, this is so damn good.

    Great job.

    Please do more content like this.

    Keep up the great work.

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