2. I knew his hair was a wig for the final part of the show, but I have never seen him in costume without it on.

    And these pics truly show how much of a team/family every one was. Thanks Joseph

  3. Fingers crossed to see some of the Atlantis cast in the next SG

  4. Oh, Jason Mamoa, I hope he was able to find work after this. Maybe something Atlantis-based.

  5. Man I hope the new series has some of the Atlantis characters in it as well.

  6. I’m still salty about Atlantis being cancelled for SGU. Not sure I’ll ever stop being salty. One more season to wrap it up, and the ending would have been amazing.

  7. this makes me really miss working on big projects, though I’ve never worked on a show that ran five seasons!

    as always, thanks for sharing, Mr. Mallozzi!

  8. My favorite stargate.

  9. McKay healing back scars again, and Sheppard pretending to be an Iratus bug on Teyla 🙂

  10. Sheppard is putting the moves on Tayla

  11. Sniffles.

  12. I LOVE this!!

  13. God i miss the good old Sg1 / Atlantis days

  14. These are fantastic images. Thank you for sharing them u/JosephMallozzi

  15. BRB gonna go cry in the corner now

  16. Not quite the last days since one of them revisited Atlantis recently.

  17. I am not crying

  18. It still stuns me that Major Lorne and Deputy Andy (Eureka) were played by the same guy. Also rather embarrassing how many years it took me to figure it out.

  19. These are GOLD!!! Thanks for posting!

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