Lakers’ Anthony Davis fires back at critics: ‘These aren’t…

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+935 – Lakers’ Anthony Davis fires back at critics: ‘These aren’t little ticky-tack injuries’

2022-04-04 23:59:34

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    depchfdwanetrobinson April 5, 2022 at 2:40 am

    Headline could have been better, there’s actually some juice in here

    This is what I’ve learned about injuries: Last year when I wasn’t playing, people were saying ‘AD’s giving up on his team. It’s the playoffs. AD has to play. He’s got to play.’ And when I went out there to play, got hurt again, they said, ‘Who was his trainer? Who let him play?’

    “So, what the [expletive] do you want me to do? When I play, it’s a problem. It’s a problem when I don’t play. At the end of the day, I’ve got to do what’s best for me and how my body feels. And we go from there. I’m not worried about who’s saying what or who thinks this about me because none of them have stepped on the floor and played. And the ones that did play, they should understand.

    “These aren’t little ticky-tack injuries.”

  2. Tiki Taka? AD to Barca confirmed?

  3. If you watch him he makes every fall looks like a career ending injury, the way he reacts on the floor

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    DoncicsRoadTo200kg April 5, 2022 at 2:40 am

    Anthony Davis is OUT today with a sore thumb on his left hand.

  5. I don’t think Anthony Davis, whose dedication to his craft has taken him very near to its pinnacle, is “soft”.

    I just think he gets injured too fucking much to build a franchise around.

  6. he just gets injured a lot and it’s not his fault. it’s a meme, but it is not under his control either. no one blames D Rose for getting injured and losing all his explosion so i dont know why we should hold it against AD.

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    Obvious_Parsley3238 April 5, 2022 at 2:40 am

    he’s not wrong, his injuries this year were pretty unlucky lol, guy fell into his knee and he stepped on another guy’s foot, what can you do

  8. I think its fair to critizice AD’s career or value because of his availiability issues. I don’t understand why people criticize the players themselves for not being healthy. We also glorify players playing though injuries. While its impressive and noteworthy when it happens, its not a smart decision to risk more injury to play a lot of times.

  9. I think it’s really weird how AD is shat on for being injured all the time. It’s not like he deliberately chooses to get injured.

  10. Why even respond? It’s just a bunch of stupid fairweather new fans who don’t know the game. Fuck them.

  11. I’m indifferent toward Anthony Davis as a player but I empathize with him on injuries. There’s nothing that can really be done when your body’s breaking down (unless it’s due to something under your control like weight management).

    I remember almost being happy when my injuries were very visible (break or severely swollen sprain or lots of blood) so I could feel a bit if vindication/justification when facing my peers.

    Injury issues suck.

  12. “these are BIG ticky tack injuries”

  13. Every sports gambler in existence knows Street Clothes is a risk every night to go down.

    Dude has been carried off the court like he’s suffered a career ending injury only to return the next game so many times it’s comical.

    Genuinely think he’s a hypochondriac. It’s not about him being soft.

    But Street Clothes definitely has something going on.

  14. ITT: two groups talking past eachother.

    “Having legitimate injuries doesn’t make you soft” vs. “He goes down and gets taken back to the locker room every game. He’s very very fragile”


    Both are true. There’s not even really a discussion to be had.

  15. Yes, he’s injury prone but last year seeing him play with his groin injury upset me.

    People were legit calling him out for not playing through it. It was like people needed to see that he couldn’t frickin’ move to be like, “Yeah, it’s serious.”

    Well duh, groin injuries are serious.

    Same thing with ankle injuries. You got ligaments that take a while to heal. It sucks that he has the “injury prone” label but people need to stop questioning injuries and saying a player isn’t tough for not playing through injuries. They will only get worse.

    Hopefully he can stay relatively healthy, that’s hard during an 82 game season. Him being out hurt the Lakers alot but hey, rest up for next season.

  16. We might believe that if you didn’t go to the locker room and come back 2 minutes later literally every game. Bro got 0 pain tolerance.

  17. If he had average durability and injury luck he’s be like Giannis but more offensively polished.

  18. Anthony Davis is out with a fractured jaw from talking to the media too much

  19. This sub is full of kids who don’t even play sports. Talking shit to world class athletes about injuries all behind their keyboards.

  20. Na honestly I do kind of agree with AD here. I’m a Laker hater (duh, Celtics fan) but 90% of the injuries I’ve seen from him occur on a play where mostly every other big would be hurt too. It’s just insane how prone AD is to being in a dangerous play.

  21. He must have been watching Stephen A and Magic today

  22. Don’t doubt people’s pain.

  23. I don’t think he’s a pussy, but having played bball for a long time, there are guys that are just better at not getting injured. It’s where/how you choose to plant, how you protect yourself during contact plays, how often you put your body in dangerous situations. AD clearly sucks at it.

  24. He should not be injured this much for his age. His career is basically over already.

  25. I wonder at what point they start questioning the principle of certain team doctors. Davis is a case where his health has become spurts, and you’d have to imagine it’s because he’s being rushed back out at this point.

    AD is a top player and is fighting nagging injury for the Lakers, while on any other team he’d just be sitting. I know time is now for them but it seems almost exploitive, like this guys prime and career is going to be shot by a significant fraction at this rate because of this.

  26. Yeah dude. You’ve had over 130 injuries since 2017 alone. Missed 25% of your games. Not your fault (conditioning maybe?). But he is a great player who is also extremely injury prone.

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    Tatum_Booker_2Lakers April 5, 2022 at 2:40 am

    AD gets too much hate. It’s sad.

  28. Guy is not top 75 all time, what a crime.

  29. Lakers’ Anthony “Street Clothes” Davis fires back at criticss: ‘These aren’t little ticky-tack injuries’

    Fixed it.

  30. Maybe not this year when you were out every other day on the Pelicans idk man. Seems to happen almost every year

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