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    Stock-Restaurant7748 April 4, 2022 at 11:22 pm


  2. the osu community appreciates all of you :]

  3. it looks amazing!

    (also don’t forget about the australians who joined in the komi-osu alliance)

  4. I’ve cross posted this to r/osugame, let they this fantastic piece of art.

  5. *Komi found this exciting*

  6. I do not understand why is the osu logo constantly unfer attack

  7. this is actually so cute i love this

  8. Does this mean im friends with komi-San now

  9. From what I understand, Komi has been there for a while now and OSU is helping to protect her

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  11. I love thjs

  12. love from the osu community! watched the first season a while ago and i really liked it, komi is such a cute character

  13. Komi will now live stream osu on twitch

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