1. He’s not wrong. Keeping Ezra Miller ought to be the beginning of the end for them.

    It’s wrong in every way.

  2. I’m so sick of every article using “slams”.

  3. Who run the world, $, who run the world, $

  4. I’m sticking to DC animated until they decide how to keep a live action universe together.

  5. Personally I’m boycotting the Flash. If there is anything consumers can do it’s not supporting garbage people.

  6. The best explanation I’ve seen is that Flash is important to setup replacements for many of Snyders DCU characters.

  7. Shouldve cancelled both

  8. That’s what I’ve been saying! Looking at all the other terrible movies that have been released and THIS is where they drew the line? It’s gotta be comically bad, I need to see it

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    Impossible-Hotel-209 August 8, 2022 at 10:07 pm

    Why did they use a picture of old fat Kevin?

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    ArbitraryLettersXYZ August 8, 2022 at 10:07 pm

    It’s not baffling. The ethos of big companies is to make money. If they thought Batgirl was bad and would cost more to fix and/or market than it would make, that’s why they shelved it. If they thought Flash would make more money in spite of boycotts, that’s why they kept it on the schedule. It’s certainly not a moral decision, but it isn’t a baffling one.

  11. It’s not baffling. Its money.

    Studios only give half a shit about cultural sensitivity when they’re made to. These aren’t thinking, breathing people. These are amalgamations of all the worst traits humanity has to offer, driven by manipulation, greed, and the never ending thirst for profit.

    Batgirl got the axe because because test audiences didn’t really like it. I’m not saying I agree with the decision but that was the motivation for their choice.

    They’re moving forward with The Flash because despite Ezra Miller taking the deep dive into the abyss of narcissistic madness, the production is still testing well with audiences. I’m sure they’re actually kind of enjoying his antics, at some level, because hey! Free advertising!

  12. I’m just glad someone at WB had the nads to pull the plug and stop the cycle of terrible DC content. Hopefully it sticks and they’ll regroup and come up with a better plan to use this IP.

  13. Let’s be honest though, that batgirl costume looks like it would fit better in the Joel Schumacher movies or in the Arrowverse. It doesn’t match the style the DCEU has been trying to establish and I feel like the overall production design probably matched that feeling.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m disappointed not to be seeing Brendan Fraiser’s Firefly but honestly this movie was very likely going to tank. At least they had the sense to know that.

  14. I agree with smith

  15. I mean, he’s not wrong. The movie was almost done and didn’t have a sex offender/cult leader as the protagonist.

    What am I missing? Release batgirl- at this point millions of people would watch it.

  16. Flash is big budget & perhaps decent, minus weirdo Ezra. Batgirl just plain sucks – I’m assuming based on, we’ll everything, but that that pic alone tells the story lol

  17. I don’t think there is anything “baffling” about it. One was direct to streaming with a character no one gives a shit about and supposedly was awful and beyond redemption. The other has a problematic star but by all accounts should be a hit.

    What’s baffling about that? Hollywood likes making money

  18. batgirl shmatgirl who cares

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    Suspicious-Lime-7207 August 8, 2022 at 10:07 pm

    In my opinion it’s not baffling at all, wb don’t have that money they used on the flash just lying around and so can easily cut the film, there’s still loads in of flash fans and regular movie goers who would see that enough to make there money back

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    HuckleberryUnusual60 August 8, 2022 at 10:07 pm

    I won’t see The Flash and I wouldn’t have seen Batgirl. DC movies are mostly shit and I’m tired of the PC push.

  21. That Batgirl costume looks like something from a high school play.

  22. If a movie sucks it sucks.

  23. Can he retire already?

  24. DC hasn’t done a good live action movie since Watchmen.

  25. It doesn’t matter that they think The Flash will make more money than Batgirl. It doesn’t matter that Batgirl supposedly sucked. What matters is DC/WB is refusing to listen to the victims of Ezra Miller because they want the money from the Flash movie. Fanboys will support it even though Miller should be in jail right now.

  26. Who even cares anymore? Batgirl was probably trash and the Flash will be trash too.

  27. simple. batgirl is a 90 million dollar bag of trash. and apparently they think flash is quite good. recasting ezra will definitely happen right after but they dont want to throw away a good movie because of one persons actions

  28. Shut up, I need my Bat Keaton.

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