1. And when he didn’t snitch on Peter when the Green Goblin was threatening him in the movie. He’s got a heart and I love it!

  2. Your daily reminder that despite J.J. being a complete ass 99% of the time, he does have a pretty big heart

  3. Man’s got a lot of heart.

  4. Now that threat or menace Spider-Man…he needs no help at all!

  5. My favorite moment across all fiction is when JJJ in ultimate Spider-Man realizes that Spider-Man is actually a hero. You can see him after that trying to make amends and doing his best to fix his mistakes.

    He’s an anomaly in the fact that he’s a good guy with the single flaw of hating Spider-Man for dubious reasons.

  6. He just hates Spider-Man, and vigilantes/super villains in general. Outside of that, he’s a normal guy who loves his city.

  7. Let’s ignore the bad stories where he gets crazy robots to fight and try to kill spiderman. Some of the comics and schemes are mad. I much prefer it when they show him as a person with real fibre.

  8. J Jonah Jameson, in most representations, isn’t a morally bankrupt dude. He’s an asshole, absolutely, but he does have a heart, he does know right from wrong, and is more interested in doing what’s right than wrong. He’s greedy, and that greed does tend to pull at him, but when it comes right down to it he’s a good person.

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    Ok-Relationship-2746 February 5, 2023 at 6:30 am

    JJJ is the homie everyone needs in their life

  10. I didn’t know Jameson had a heart.


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    Atheist_Simon_Haddad February 5, 2023 at 6:30 am

    Don’t forget he was paying a living wage (for Manhattan) with full benefits to his secretary Betty Brant, a high-school-aged dropout taking care of her sick mother.

  13. Did Mike Allred do this art? Looks like his style

  14. See this is why I’m not crazy about the unambiguous jackass depictions of JJJ in the MCU and the Sony Spider-Man games. JJJ has always been a jerk about the masked vigilante thing, but he’s ultimately a good person who just has a few weird hangups about what he thinks a hero should be. He’s certainly never been as callous as the Alex Jones-type he’s been portrayed as in recent years, even if that reference point is closer to what JJJ would likely be in the real world.

  15. J Jonah Jameson supports mutant rights

  16. Original JJJ was a bit of an ass but overall a good person who just happened to be envious of Spider-Man to the point of anger and slander.

    Otherwise he was pleasant enough in his private and public lives. Even being a philanthropist who regularly gave to charity and supported Mutant rights. Also a bit of a patriot depending on the writer.

    Him going full Alex Jones is a fairly recent thing, and a change that I personally dislike knowing his roots.

  17. I’m sure J.J.J know peter is spiderman, he just hates on him to have an excuse to buy peter’s shota

  18. After play the ps4 game, Jameson looks like a old guy trying to do the right thing and protect otters, he was a product of another generation and don’t know how to deal with sometings very well, but he cares and want to help a lot of people

  19. Anyone know which comic this comes from?

  20. The more I see of Jameson, the more I realize he just plays a hardass even if he actually cares a lot.

  21. You read that in Simmons voice didn’t you

  22. “12 years ago”

    This implies that Petey is at least 27 years old.

  23. Legend*

  24. My favorite scene of the 2002 Spider-Man is when Green Goblin blasts into J. Jonah Jameson’s office. By this point in the movie, Jameson has been well established as a jerk. He harasses his employees, squeezes freelancers, and started a disinformation campaign against our favorite web-shooter. So with Green Goblin literally strangling him to find out who takes the photos of Spider-man, it would be pretty reasonable to expect him to squeal on Peter. But he doesn’t. He immediately lies, well knowing it will likely cost him his life. For all his faults, Jameson is not a bad guy. He will do the right thing at the moment of trial. And that’s what makes him interesting.

  25. I hope this version of him is in the new game and movies. The other stuff can be a facade that breaks when Spider-Man saves him or something.

  26. This is why I hate mcu Jameson so much they just turned him into an Alex Jones parody even though Jameson hate guys like Alex Jones and Joe Rogan who have no integrity mcu Jameson is everything the character hates

  27. I mean he saved Peter from the hands of GG once, and then again with the rhino, so neat

  28. The guys a fucking Saint so long as the situation doesn’t involve Spider-Man

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    MethlacedJambaJuice February 5, 2023 at 6:30 am

    Jonah is a nice guy and always has been, just jealous of Spider-Man

  30. I thought this was gonna say that JJ knew the whole time that Peter was Spider-Man and he was helping him out cuz the kid needed a real job but this is better.

  31. He’s an asshole, but he’s not a monster.

  32. I heard J.K Simmon’s voice reading that

  33. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

  34. Allred art always great to see

  35. I love this version of JJJ.

    I loved when Pete let JJJ beat him up on camera, and JJJ once done, once all the anger was exhausted wanted to talk.

  36. A Reminder that J.J.J IS a father.

  37. This is why I don’t like MCU JJJ. He’s too Alex Jones-y.

  38. Silk works for JJ Jameson now, he calls her, “Analog.” He is a good boss. (Who is Silk? She is the Korean woman that was bite by the same spider as Peter, and she has spider-man-like powers, and she lived in a bunker for many years for reasons. And she and Peter become hyper-sexually stimulated if they stand too close together, which must make it super hard to team up like they do all the time.)

  39. I love Jonah so much. This is the real J Jonah Jameson, and in this house, we stan JJ. He is a sweet, strong, honorable, loyal, just, honest man. And one of the bravest characters in Comics.

    He certainly is not Alex Jones, and I wish more people remembered this.

  40. There’s gotta be an alternate universe where Jonah finds out Peter is Spider-Man early in his career and becomes like a mentor to him when he hears his back story.

  41. This is the J.J. I like, not the Alex Jones/Tucker Carlson version from the new movies or the PS4 game.

  42. Wait, Uncle Ben died in a home invasion in the comics?

    It wasn’t a store/wrestling ring robbery like in the movies?

  43. Perry White

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