1. I love the idea that someone assumes the night is a reason for rape

  2. You can apply this logic to so many issues. Gun violence = the shooters, stabbings = the stabbers, petty theft = those goddamn kids.

  3. Did you ever notice that the same people who holler that guns can’t be responsible for gun violence & school shootings because they’re inanimate objects are the same people who blame rape on “sexy” clothes and not the men who can’t control themselves?

  4. I had a boyfriend in HS who would often joke, “End rape, just say yes.”

  5. Damn when do I get my promiscuous pass?

  6. Does this diagram include Brock Turner the Rapist?

  7. Why in some countries women wear burkas, do not drink booze, cannot talk to men in public, cannot be out at night, and if a women is known for her promiscuousness past is stoned to death.

  8. While we’re bashing victim-blamers, watch how MTG explains to a school shooting victim how the Parkland tragedy was HIS fault.


    That was the funniest thing I had seen yesterday. At least until I saw Lara Trump blame a structural failure on parents who don’t let their kids injure themselves enough on playgrounds.


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    Kif_sho_them_my_nips April 4, 2022 at 3:09 pm

    The other things are just correlated with when and where and how rapists operate.

    The rape is still caused by the rapist though.

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