1. There’s far worse states. FAR worse states.

  2. You could end up living next to Florida man…. I dunno….

  3. even as a longtime Florida hater I can confirm there are worse states

  4. Statistically New Mexico is the worst for families and Mississippi is the worst overall

  5. Maybe for the average redditor, lol.

    Top 5 state for every other sect of the US population

  6. Why does Florida have such a bad name? Because of the ridiculous storylines?
    I literally vacation there every year and love it so much.

  7. This isn’t turning out the way op was hoping lol

  8. You gotta be heavily brainwashed by the media to think that. People that live in Florida are very happy to be there rn.

  9. It’s much better than breathing that LA smog

  10. Try even existing in North Dakota

  11. Considering how many are moving to it, no

  12. God no. It would be in my top ten of places I’d move to. Much more attractive than say, North Dakota.

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    Illustrious_Ad5685 April 5, 2022 at 7:52 am

    Easily one of the best actually.

  14. Far from it and sadly more and more people keep coming here. Honestly if people hate it so much then please stop coming here I really miss the low ass rent and house prices we had… you can keep coming for vacation but please don’t stay here permanently.

  15. Never underestimate California’s awful price of living, mudslides, el nino, wildfires, droughts and other ecological disasters, the list goes on…

  16. Not really. It has no state income tax so if you make good money it’s chill.

  17. Current Florida resident who once lived in Oklahoma and Illinois. Both places suck way more than Florida.

  18. Still can’t top Detroit Michigan.

  19. Hell no it’s amazing. That’s why I live here when I could move pretty much anywhere.

  20. Florida has a lot of issues, but as long as you don’t dislike the weather there’s nothing really wrong with living there

  21. That distinction belongs to Illinois imo. Most of their last 5 governors are in prison, the state has a constant debt crisis due to terrible tax/spending policies, and your choices are to either live in Chicago (home of some of the highest murder rates in the country) or redneck land in the rest of the state.

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    TravelingSpermBanker April 5, 2022 at 7:52 am

    There are states poorer than third world countries. And others that are rural and are consistently subfreezing.

    A wealthy state in the tropics is 100% better than most states. They just have a huge “crazy” homeless and citizen population that does funny crimes

  23. Florida is a wonderful place to live. I just moved here and it’s great. Go try living in Connecticut and tell me how it is!

  24. As a Kentuckian, it’s nice to think that people think of Florida instead of us and West Virginia.

  25. No, definitely not. I lived there for 5 years and it’s still in my top 5 states to live in the US. Certain regions have some issues, but there are much worse places to live in this country.

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