1. can’t tell you how many times I stood there doing nothing, right in my poor mother’s face.

    I mean what a little shit, really

  2. “child abuse is inherently irrational” bruh so fucking true. I used to think that my mom wasn’t abusive, she was just every other Asian mom.

    turns out Asian moms need a damn reevaluation

  3. Yeaaaah. Walking in a room only to realize that made your mom mad is a trip. Being yelled at while trying to give your mom a hug when you’re 5 is also fuckin wild.

    Abuse is irrational is an understatement.

  4. I remember gaslighting and gatekeep my dad by not having a full-time job with steady income at age 12

  5. i have been screamed at for drawing “too loud”

  6. Sounds like my father. Bonus points if it was after 7 PM, there was a glass of wine nearby, or we were getting ready for a trip.

    This in particular makes me recall a rule that he made me follow in high school (I’m 26 now). Once the school day ended, if he sent me a text asking what I was doing, I had to reply to him within 5 minutes exactly. As in, if 5 minutes and 10 seconds passed, he would get ANGRY at me. One time, I missed his text because I was on stage rehearsing for a school play I’d been cast in (and obviously you don’t bring phones onstage), so he proceeded to

    – Bombard me with text after text asking where the hell I was, many of them in all caps
    – Call the theatre teacher demanding that he tell him where I was (my teacher later told me that he feared my father)
    – Leave work early, park next to my car in the school parking lot for at least half an hour
    – Scream at me in front of all my fellow cast and crew members once we got out of rehearsal
    – Follow me home, practically tailgating me (I swore that if I’d pressed the brakes to avoid a guy jumping out in front of me, he would’ve rear-ended me)
    – Take my car keys away from me
    – Tell me that I was banned from having extracurricular activities (such that I couldn’t audition for plays put on by my school’s thespian troupe, participate in National Honor Society activities, or be an officer for my school’s French Club).

    My mother had to talk him out of both the last two things. He has never given me a real apology for it (not that he would ever apologize for anything he did).

    To this day, I hate talking over SMS, Snapchat or any other messaging app, because people are so unpredictable.

  7. I’m assuming it’s not normal to think “ah, geez, what the fuck did I do this time” every time my mother called my name

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    Having an abusive parent is kinda funny in retrospect like mommy why do you have beef with me im 4 i love you


    Haters (my dad) can’t stand to see a bad bitch (me, nine years old) winning (“drawing too loud”)


    How do you draw too loud?


    Well you see the thing is that child abuse is inherently irrational

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  9. There’s a reason my head snaps up any time someone walks into the room I’m in

  10. I was yelled at b/c she couldn’t brush my hair, it wasn’t cooperating that day. Clearly my fault

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    Unrecovered_Giggles January 31, 2023 at 2:24 am

    something hurts about seeing people make a joke out of their own suffering, and the turn this post takes at the last reblog.

  12. r/cptsdmemes

  13. “Haters (my dad)” is really funny to me

  14. I still remember my mom **bragging to her friends** that she broke spoons over my back and I’d tell her it still didn’t hurt, that if she put me in a corner I’d entertain myself (and not feel bad enough?) so she had to lock me in dark closets for hours because corners weren’t **bad enough**.

    Oh, and leaving me in stores so I had to walk around alone trying to find her and she’d be in the car…or how about literally pulling over in a random parking lot, tearing your child out of the car, and driving away. That’s all normal and totally reasonable for being <5 and crying in the car right? Like how dare I.

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    Particular-Cricket93 January 31, 2023 at 2:24 am

    Ever had a 4 year old? There are countless reasons to have beef.

    (Still.. don’t do the child abuse)

  16. “gaslight gatekeep girlboss” should not be your approach to parenting

  17. While on a certain level I get “drawing to loud”, since sometimes people exist too loud for my liking, for becoming a parent, not just a sperm-donor or birth-giver, you have to also accept that your child will exist around you very loudly, no matter your own condition

  18. I’ve been at college for two years now and I still sometimes think I hear my mom’s voice at casual conversation levels of volume and tense up in dread, before remembering that I don’t live with her so it can’t be her.

  19. I got yelled at for being too loud and annoying so much that as an adult my normal speaking volume is whisper quiet to the point people can’t hear me, but it sounds like I’m yelling to me 🙁 People can’t hear me so I feel ignore d and it’s just this vicious cycle of loneliness because I literally can’t be loud enough to be heard without raising my voice a lot, and then I sound mad because I’m stressed by how loud I have to be.

    If it’s one on one I’m fine but in social situations I can’t monitor my volume at all 🙁

  20. Ugh that first post genuinely hurts “why do you have beef with me im 4 i love you”

  21. Stepfather not liking me being happy because we went to McD, and I wanted to show this by humming…

  22. Anyone else get yelled at for having a bad attitude or making a face when you were just sitting there? and when you disagreed you got in trouble for backtalk.

  23. Reading some of these comments makes me feel like a good parent.

  24. Do people who had abusive parents as kids still talk to the parents as adults?

  25. Jesus fuck now that I think about it, it is pretty absurd remembering my brother beating me up in front of my mother and she just brushing it aside like nothing happened, only to beat me herself when I started yelling at her, because I was pissed about what had just happened when I was like 13. Yeah mom I was fucking angry at you ignoring me being beaten up ???‽

    It’s so absurd I actually started laughing on the bed. Thank god she doesn’t have my new address and number xD

  26. One of my earliest memories is my mum hitting me with a leather whip (belts were too soft) she had tied little knots at the tip and soaked in water. I don’t even remember why she hit me but I remember the red line across my leg and my arms. I might’ve been 4 or 5.

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    OddlyOddLucidDreamer January 31, 2023 at 2:24 am

    Mom yelling at me for singing music i liked

    Not loudly

    Nothing obsene


    Got yelled at for singing, anything, at total random too

    She’s irrational, always has been

    Even now, even if ive done everything in the house, done all my assignments, honework, and done literlaly everything else, if she sees me on my PC or phone, be damn sure she’ll complain im on the phone too much and im becoming more braindead because of it

  28. Let’s not forget the parents that aren’t abusive but have unresolved trama they take out on you and your siblings

  29. I’ll ask my friends if they’re mad at me sometimes when they’re doing mundane shit cause they did it ways my dad did when he was angry. Have you ever had someone fold a sock angrily at you?

  30. Abuse aside, y’all ever seen kids? Kids would absolutely find a way to draw loudly. Loudness is kid’s religion. It’s how they channel their creativity. Kids are the mac gyver of making noises. I know no 5 year old boy who can play without making explosion noises every 3 seconds.

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