1. “Introverts are not quiet. They think instead of talk.”
    So… they are quiet….

  2. As an introvert, can confirm. Have been planning my revenge since the day I left the womb.

  3. Me_irl is shit now

    Introverts are quiet because we fucking don’t want to talk as much as others

  4. In that thread: 11.4k Narcissistic introverts on copium.

  5. People think. Spooky.

  6. Finally something deep

  7. They make us out to be intellectual gods meanwhile the reality is I’m struggling to dip my toes out my comfort zone and talk to others I’m not friends/family with

  8. Introverts are quiet because they are busy winning imaginary arguments in their head.

  9. I am quiet, I do avoid conflict, I might know you’re wrong, and I’ll probably not care enough to correct you, but I ain’t planning shit.

  10. Introverts are passive aggressive?

  11. This just in introverts are psychologist suethseers

  12. Well now I don’t wanna be an introvert anymore, just to get tf away from this ridiculous crap

  13. As an introvert I can confirm that we are Omniscent gods who can outsmart Elon Musk at immesurable speed

  14. Idk what happened to that sub but it absolutely sucks now

  15. Introverts reporting you to the Hague for making the mistake of asking them how their day went

  16. I usually talk to my mind and just zone out, that’s why I’m quiet 🙂

  17. We KNOW you’re an introvert, you can STOP TELLING US

  18. I didnt realize I was that powerful.

  19. my rationale cannot be falsified if I fail to expose it to scrutiny and instead just affirm my internal narrative that I’m smarter than everyone I disagree with

  20. Navy seal copypasta

  21. That sub is awful sometimes

  22. but they right I just don’t wanna start shit

  23. “They’ve been planning the end” the end being that you walk away thinking you won and they literally just think that they won too because nobody said anything?

  24. Introverts are not smarter than extroverts, and even if they are they never tell anybody their fucking ideas so it doesn’t matter.

  25. As an introvert, I feel like I’m required to disagree.
    (I’m not speaking for all introverts here btw) I’m not quiet, I just don’t feel like wasting my energy on mindless chatter unless absolutely necessary

  26. In junior year my class did a little unprofessional study on themselves to see if they were extroverted or introverted (it had nothing to do with the class) and I got so mad when someone said I was introverted because I’d genuinely hate if this was how people saw me.

    Sorry to actual introverts who don’t just say they are because it feels cooler lol

  27. As an introvert I don’t know shit

  28. No,we just don’t want or need to talk.

  29. No, I just hate strangers…

  30. meirl is basically a karma farm sub what do u expect

  31. Introverts trying not to be narcissist (they can’t)

  32. Am an introvert, can confirm.

    Edit: I swear posting a joke on reddit is just a gamble. Impossible to predict whether it’ll get upvoted or downvoted, it’s just random.

  33. Introverts are fucking cringe

  34. Remove everything after the first sentence and it’s fine. Everything else is so cringe

  35. People not understanding the difference between being introverted and socially retarded.

    Classic Reddit.

  36. Dear all mostly introverted people,

    Oh shit! Thank you for informing the rest of us. We had NO idea you all had these incredible superpowers- we couldn’t even tell! Jealous!

    Congrats on the mind-reading! So sick!

    -the Extrovert humans <3

  37. Ive noticed a lkot of people think if i dont want to talk it must b because of my arrogance, instea of lack of energy. Now i know who to blame for that shit.

  38. Actually most of us are just tired and/or dumb.

  39. Sometimes this is true but other times they’re just scared to death of people looking at them while they voice an opinion

  40. Ah yes I am quiet because I am too busy figuring out exactly how you work and everything about you totally cause of that its not because my mind is blank and I have no fucking clue what to say

  41. Or they’re just shy and sometimes overthink what they are going to say and have anxiety approaching others.

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