1. Ebibles

  2. reminds me of Harry Potter’s chocolate frog box, hope it’s going good!

  3. Hey I just ate one of those! Elderberry is uh….an Interesting flavor

  4. I fuckin love wylds

  5. They’re a pretty cool company too. They pay their employees well and give them basic, free health insurance.

  6. How is this an Easter egg? They’re required to add this on the package

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    please_and_thankyou April 4, 2022 at 3:27 pm

    Wyld gummies are the BEST!!!

  8. How the hell is this an Easter egg? Just because it’s on the inside doesn’t mean it’s difficult to find that’s literally how you access the product so everyone would see this making it the complete opposite of an Easter egg so you failed with this post but who cares because Reddit has no sub standards

  9. These are really good! I was taking 1/4 a night and sleeping so well.

  10. *cries in Pennsylvanian*

  11. Hey i love this brand!

  12. Best brand. Nothing hits or tasted as good as wylds

  13. Wyld is hands down the best edible.

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    Dafracturedbutwhole April 4, 2022 at 3:27 pm

    I wouldn’t have sheep count on me; it’s not fair to them.

  15. In Soviet Russia, Sheep count you.

  16. I love the WYLD people! One time the sent me a t-shirt.

  17. Did Yaakov Smirnoff write this?

  18. I really enjoy this brand and those elderberry CBN ones really hit for when you want to sleep.

  19. I just found this brand and I like them a lot.

  20. This message actually made me more comfortable taking edibles (and getting high) for the first time

  21. no ads pls

  22. I love these things. I just take half and I have a peaceful sleep

  23. I got these in Oregon once! They were good!!

  24. The real Easter Egg is the illusion when you shake your phone

  25. I get that brand’s CBD sparkling waters every once in a while in a while. Little pricy but very effective for my anxiety

  26. Oooh what flavor did you get?

  27. Can co firm I just checked a pack I have of the same brand lol, never notoced.

  28. *cries in a country with backwards politicians*

  29. Wyld sucks

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    atreethatownsitself April 4, 2022 at 3:27 pm

    Wylds are the absolute best. Pomegranate is my favorite since is has both THC/CBD.

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    Ichiya_The_Gentleman April 4, 2022 at 3:27 pm

    CBN ?

  32. This is oddly terrifying.

  33. These CBN gummies are really helpful.

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