In the Gen Z version of the game you just move around the…

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+15992 – In the Gen Z version of the game you just move around the board paying everyone else rent.

2022-04-24 02:45:32

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  1. Monopoly was originally called the landlord’s game was created to be a “practical demonstration of the present system of land grabbing with all its usual outcomes and consequences”.

  2. Im quitting my job.

  3. The Gen Z version is starting the game half a dozen rounds before someone else wins it.

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    gon_booglarise_u_bb April 24, 2022 at 3:46 pm

    The person who invented monopoly wanted it to be a wake up call to how fixed the market was to benefit capital and only capital without a care for the ability of people to accumulate said capital. It backfired and morons took it as a fun exercise in “healthy competition”. Civilizational facepalm

  5. Let’s play a different game.

  6. You also get blamed for all the problems in the game that started on turn 70, but you were only born on turn 99. Capitalism is amazing, I’m just so glad I have retired people to tell me I’m not working hard enough.

  7. Eh, it literally says salary. The real truth is it’s minimal wage and it never goes up, and once the game is done with everyone hates you.

    Oh, its also entirely based on luck, winning the game has nothing to do with skill.

  8. Boomers have played in early stages of monopoly getting all for relatively cheap. Now they stopped playing and just stand around and let the younger generation play. Funny thing is later in the monopoly game the base is worth shit like the base pay now. Love how accurate this game displays the flaws of capitalism with the end game just being to put every one in massive debt to just one person.

  9. We play a modern version of the game. EVERYTHING is 10x. Houses cost $100 each? Nope. $1000 each. Rent on the Baltic is $60? Nope $600. Get out of jail? $500. Except salary is locked at $500 to pass go. Income tax? $2000. Not surprising but the games don’t last long before we’re all broke and homeless.

  10. Monopoly also starts every player with the same amount of money and it’s enough money that they can afford to buy the eleven cheapest properties or the four most expensive ones outright.

  11. The board in the picture literally calls it a salary though

  12. In the new Space Jam version you have to shoot baskets to earn that money.

  13. >In the Gen Z version of the game you just move around the board paying everyone else rent.

    That’s… how the game works.

    Have you never played Monopoly?

  14. In the GenZ version, you start with no money, can’t earn any, and you have to pay rent by chucking money into the pot at the center, instead of at each other.

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    InternationalLemon26 April 24, 2022 at 3:46 pm

    Monopoly was invented by a Socialist to illustrate how ridiculous laissez-faire capitalism was. Not correct to call it a capitalist game or whatever.

  16. Can we post and repost this on a daily basis so this point gets across? Thanks in advance.

  17. [deleted]

  18. Regular reminder that Monopoly was originally designed to demonstrate the failures of Unfettered Capitalism and promote an alternative (Georgism to be specific)

  19. And still nearly always ends in tears or tantrums

  20. No, you pay rent to the Bank…

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    hyperproliferative April 24, 2022 at 3:46 pm

    I believe that’s just the salary, but go ahead…

  22. More that it’s an assumption of being paid for whatever job you may do. Not an endorsement of UBI.

  23. But it says salary right on the square. Salary normally implies you worked for it. Ubi is given to all regardless if you worked

  24. How is monopoly *capitalisms poster board game”

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    Electronic-Caramel30 April 24, 2022 at 3:46 pm

    its literally called salary

  26. You are really overthinking the game mechanics here

  27. i hate to say it but technically its not a ubi, the handing out of money is just meant to simulate like a paycheck without any of the actual work (because like why).

    on the bright side, monopoly was created by socialists to show off some of the failures of capitalism, so that’s nice.

  28. Never heard UBI referred to as a salary, but who said memes are supposed to be factually accurate.

  29. What they don’t tell you is that you have to work your way around the board. You can’t just sit on ” go” and keep collecting the $200.

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