1. I have a neurodegenerative disorder which gives me poor control over my hands and poor motor control in general. A heavy mouse is so much easier for me to use because it adds a lot of needed resistance.

  2. I like some inertia for sniping and the tactility the weight gives me

  3. It’s like 10 key, vs 75%, vs, 60%, vs RGB/Non RGB, high refresh vs higher resolution. PCs are customizable and you use what you like.

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    codeine_inmycereal April 4, 2022 at 2:50 pm

    G502 gang

  5. I just recently switched to a lighter mouse and it really improved things for me. I noticed when in engagements in shooter games I tend to push down on the mouse and it makes micro adjustments/tracking difficult. The lighter mouse seems to help with that for me.

  6. Maybe its just me, but I am way more consistent and have less “shaky aim” with a heavy mouse.

    I maxxed out the weight on my g502 and my aim is way better for it.

    Everyone is different ofc.

  7. I just wish that all mice weren’t so fucking small. I feel bad for people with large hands, because I can’t find a mouse big enough for my very average sized hands. They simply don’t exist.

  8. Got the same g502, but no weights. It’s just preference

  9. Listen, I already do enough things to make my right arm stronger than my left so a heavy mouse would be overkill for me.

  10. I used to love heavy mice. Until I used a light one for two years. Now ill never go back

  11. The magic word: PREFERENCE

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    CorrosiveBackspin April 4, 2022 at 2:50 pm

    I blame weak zoomer grip strength

  13. Stops my cunt of a cat knocking it off

  14. I hate mice that feel like I could crush them in my hand where theyve been shaved down to where even the plastic is perforated.

  15. With you, lightweight mice just feel awkward for me

  16. yup, i put all the weights in my g502 and i still think it’s light

  17. As a veteran counter strike player i’ve been picking my mouse by their weight since forever, so much better control and feel.

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    Grouchy_Gate_9765 April 4, 2022 at 2:50 pm

    Heavy is good, heavy is reliable. If it doesn’t work you can always hit them with it.

  19. G502 for life

  20. G502 Lightspeed is THE wireless mouse.

  21. I’ve always found myself more of a mid weight fan, look if you find the mouse comfortable and it works for you good to go! Especially if you’ve given others a try there’s a reason some come with multiple weights in them

  22. I wish it was harder to right/left click. I find myself always miss clicking the mouse.

  23. Do people actually discuss this? Isn’t it personal preference?

  24. Whoever designed that recessed laser on the 502, with the get shit stuck in it slot is a fucking monster.

  25. I love my Anker gaming mouse.

    Load up all the weights and just choo-choo through games.

    They only made them for a short time but they’re wonderful.

  26. Heavier mice have always made my aim significantly better. It allows it to be more smooth and less jaggedy.

  27. I use very high dpi so the heavy the better ig

  28. Any g602 fans?

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    superfluous--account April 4, 2022 at 2:50 pm

    He’ll yeah borther HEAVY LOGITECH GANG

  30. I find a heavier mouse gives me more control over smaller movements.

  31. Ι wanna actually feel what I’m holding at

    A light mouse just makes me feel like I’m flailing my hand around

    A heavy mouse makes me feel like I’m holding a tool, a tool that gives me control

  32. After going to the lightweight mouse, I can’t go back.

  33. I’m a mouse twitcher, I need a steady and heavy mouse to compensate for that.

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    redditisbestanime April 4, 2022 at 2:50 pm

    light mice are for weaklings.

  35. Yes, but what is the point to adding weight to your already endangered wrist?

  36. For real, lightweight mice feel cheap in my opinion.

  37. Can’t find any really heavy ones 🙁 My RAT 9 finally broke after years and years, I had all the weights in there shit felt like a brick but it was soooo smooth

  38. ::Stares in trackball::


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    Additional_Plant7196 April 4, 2022 at 2:50 pm

    How about medium?

  41. Dude same! I even have that same mouse and loaded it up with all the weight.

  42. I have a G604 and it’s nice, if it had a USB C port on it to use both wired and wireless and a built in battery it’d be even better

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    10HorsedSizedDucks April 4, 2022 at 2:50 pm

    While typically you want to be better with lighter mice, weight of a mouse has always been preference based.

  44. Anyone else use 2 mice? One heavy for high dpi stuff (mmos) and one light for low dpi (fps)

    Edit: I change mice for the difference in weight, not to swap dpi

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