1. Just waiting for the one of the wheels to burn up or bearings blow out.

  2. Imagine hitting a pot hole

  3. interesting, I didn’t know shopping carts could stay stable at any speed

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    Zealousideal-Cow-941 April 4, 2022 at 1:08 pm

    “Dang, gas prices are high!”

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    Spiritual-Wind-3898 April 4, 2022 at 1:08 pm

    Might have been fun before it got on a highway

  6. Lmao that’s not an idiot…it’s a crackhead

  7. I’m just gobsmacked. The things human beings get up to eh?

  8. He’s off his trolley or will be .

  9. South Africa at it again..

  10. How it feels to chew 5 gum.

  11. Can I take out a life insurance policy on this guy. Seems like a solid bet.

  12. Get the Darwin award ready…

  13. r/idiotsincarts

  14. -Im on my way to the trailer park !!!

    -Corey, Trevor! Smokes, now!

  15. I kind of can’t help but be impressed

  16. You’re only calling him an idiot because you didn’t think of it first. This dude is saving money on fuel and reducing his carbon emissions.

  17. Jackass or nitro circus wouldn’t even do this shit.. mans gotta be on his last fuck

  18. I finally understand where the good shopping carts end up.

  19. Dead man rolling.

  20. Was that bubbles

  21. That guy is getting so much nasty shit sprayed right into his open mouth straight from the freeway floor

  22. With gas prices atm…

  23. This must be for a video. No way someone is just doing that

  24. thAt cOuLd nEveR hAPpen iN LA tRaFfiC

  25. Hope he hangs on tight when the guy goes in a bend at 90Km/h

  26. Tweakers are amazing creatures

  27. South Africa baby ! I love my country.

  28. The fact that it’s wet is probably the only reason the wheels haven’t melted yet

  29. Why would you drive behind that? Cammer is an idiot too, merging in there at the end. I’d give that a HUGE gap for when it inevitably goes wrong.

  30. Gas is expensive, this guy is a GENIUS!

  31. For the people saying bit it is a trolley…… This is a South African trolley, those fuckers are built to be used for more than groceries. Common uses include but not limited to… Transporting of mini bus engines and gear boxes, moving of zinc metal structures, moving of porta loos, fitting 2 fridges and 3 big screens during riots/looting/free shopping/protesting. These examples exclude the recycling guys and the “illegal” tavern(shebeen) blokes.

  32. Zero fucks given

  33. Stupidest thing i have seen here to date

  34. Consequences of rising gas prices.

  35. He’s not an idiot or in a car he’s a floridaman

  36. That rain is the only thing keeping that cart rolling

  37. Does /r/meatcrayon still exist?

  38. Thats a buggy

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