1. Yahaha! You found me! As a reward, I shall give you my seed.

  2. What is this tamplate from

  3. Now try getting all 900 seeds. I can assure you that the last 20-30 will be a major pain in the butt. (I have not actually gotten all the seeds, but from past experiences, finding the last few things that once were very abundant was the worst.)

  4. Obviously you have to travel 500 more.

  5. Is that Prince Harry?

  6. Oh lumberjack!

  7. This line looks really awfull

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    DirectionNeither2718 April 4, 2022 at 11:14 pm


  9. Harry, you ok?

  10. The proclaimers look way different without the glasses.

  11. **Drops the rock on the korok**

    Peewee the Korok: Hey! **weird screeching sounds**

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