1. *today’s the day the teddy bears have their orgy*

  2. Better to cum in the sink than to sink in the cum.

  3. What’s it supposed to say?

  4. Can’t unsee, damn you Internet.

  5. Welcome to the C🐻M ZONE

  6. So the pool is filled with…

  7. I’m gonna cam.

  8. See what?

  9. There’s always that 1 reddit user pointing out the obvious and letting us all know it’s supposed to be a website.

  10. I was told that this was not allowed in the pool.

  11. Oh no. Gross.

  12. Just like chess.c*m

  13. What’s it supposed to say?

  14. I am sorry for the crimes against humanity and not limited to that:


  15. Pro tip from a professional pool guy: if their business name has the word pool in it, they are probably going to fuhq your wallet with products and services you don’t need

  16. Reply
    Lord-BeerMe-Strength December 1, 2022 at 4:17 am

    So that’s what they do with all that toilet paper.

  17. Imagine being a reddit mod

  18. I saw the picture first and then your caption… No bro, you’re not the only one….

  19. First cocaine bear, now Bear cum pools. It must be Bear season

  20. I can’t tell what it’s actually supposed to be.


    Like .com?

    Where’s the dot?

  21. I DO NOT want to swim in that.

  22. Pedobear enters the chat…

  23. Reply
    Squirrely_Coyote_576 December 1, 2022 at 4:17 am

    Nope, definitely not.

  24. Ah yes. A Cwm, the Welsh word for a Cirque. Bears love them.

  25. I wish you were the only one who did see it.

  26. Massachusetts strikes again!

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