1. Was there last July. The sad thing was that you could see the Glaciers melting from that location. Beautiful though

  2. What time of year?

  3. Is that water or clouds? It looks like a dream!

  4. Hell yes. One of the best spots in this planet

  5. We were treated to a similar view in October. My 4 yo daughter proclaimed “it looks like a giant bowl of melted ice cream”

  6. How tough of a hike is this? Live nearby and might give it go.

  7. I love a good inversion.

  8. My wife went there for her highschool graduation trip, her grandma takes all the kids on a huge trip when they graduate and that’s where my wife wanted to go

  9. Went there last June, and it was gorgeous. 10/10 would go again

  10. That’s fucking amazing. Thank you for sharing

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