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  2. Doom guy would try to kill Dante when he sees his DT or SDT

    Then they’d realize they have a common goal and kill demons together, followed by a CRAAAAZY pizza party

  3. Dante: (uses Nevan to kill demons)

    Doomguy: (points)

    Dante: oh you wanna try this bad boy out? Alright show me your skills

    (Doom Soundtrack becomes weaponized)

  4. these comments show the 3 types of men that exist

  5. They fight because Doomguy is like “DEMON!!!” until Dante is seen killing demons only for them to join forces and then hell is even MORE fucked.

  6. They shake hands in agreement to kill all demons, but doom slayer washes his hands afterwards.


  8. “Wacky woohoo death metal intensifies”

  9. “So, I hear you’re a demon slayer, too?”


    “Heh, man of few words, I see.”


    “Well now you’re just giving me the cold shoulder, but while you’re here, ya mind helping me with some of these?”

    As they’re fighting demons, Dante uses DT and Doom Slayer starts shooting at him.

    “WOAH, HEY MAN! You almost hit me!”

    *Slayer points at demons, then at Dante*

    “What, them? Oh… I get it. Look man, I’m not a fan of my demon side either, but that’s no reason to shoot me.”


    “Eh, don’t worry about it. I’ve taken worse”

    Later, Dante is meeting up with the rest of the gang

    “Okay, now don’t freak out, but most of my friends and family are demons too, so don’t go on a rampage”


    “See? I knew you’d understand, buddy”

  10. Doomguy would probably just stare at dante and dante would crack a few jokes offer pizza then the wall breaks and demons (from both series jump in) dante and doomguy look at eachother and start slaughtering demons and doomguy gets an instant sss with dante while bfg plays.

  11. Judging by Dante’s office and Slayer’s space man cave, they’d take turns playing their theme songs on their sweet demon guitars and then go have fun murdering demons in stylish and over the top ways. Maybe Dante learns to use his guns for momentum like Doomguy can, maybe Doomguy learns some sweet new sword skills.

    Good times will be had by all. Until Vergil talks shit about Doomguy’s choice of weapons.

  12. Flashy vs efficient

  13. Beer n za

  14. Compare guns.

  15. The most overly asked question doesn’t exi-

  16. They borrow each other’s weapons

  17. Doom Guy: Did we just become best friends?!

    Dante: Yep!

    High five

    Dante: Do you wanna do karate in the garage?

    Doom Guy: Yep!

  18. Dante: *gives DOOM Slayer a trench coat*

  19. Unf.

    Okay big guy

  20. It would be both wacky wahoo pizza man adventures plus lots of ripping and tearing.

  21. They’d meet, realize they both love killing demons, have a little kiss on the lips between homies, start hunting demons together for fun and profit, realize their relationship is deeper than homies, and proceed to have passionate gay sex every day from then on.

    A happy ending for both of them.

  22. Doomguy would try to blow Dante’s brains out due to him being part devil.

  23. DoomSlayer: You a Demon?
    Dante: Yeah, Why you ask?

  24. Good cop and bad cop when killing demons

  25. Frien :>

  26. “You’re a good demon so I’ll let you live, but I’m keeping my eye on the blue one” -Doomguy probably

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