1. It’s pretty obvious he won’t be fighting below 170

  2. 100% natty lol

  3. Bro now that he bulked up he is ALWAYS bare chested lmao

  4. Gonna love to see his gas tank now. Half a round fighter. 3 exchange fighter

  5. I don’t think he will be. Ever again. At this point he’s got a decent cut to 170

  6. Step 1: get off cycle

  7. He saw Islam win the title and roided himself out of the division

  8. Head swollen like a balewn

  9. There’s no way this guy isn’t taking something this doesn’t even look like him

  10. Amputate a leg?

  11. Reminds me of when VEGETA went to super saiyan 1.5. Where he was unbelievably swole, but was too slow to hit an actual target…

  12. That’s the neat part, he won’t

  13. There might not be another person on the planet that is more into themselves than this tool.

  14. Dude he’s going to WWE, no question.

    He will blame it on UFC lowballing him on pay, (which is probably true) but the fact is his competitive fighting days are likely over.

  15. He’s not unless he drops the “supplements”. Only people who take steroids get offended when someone says you are on steroids. If I walk up to some Joe Schmoe in the gym who is somewhat athletic but not jacked to the gills and accuse him of steroids he probably isnt going to yell or scream at me but just look confused, but if I walk up to some huge jacked dude and accuse him the same way I’ll get this speech of “I work hard, I’m here every day, You don’t know what your talking about pussy”

  16. He’s not and he’ll never fight again

  17. Can we get this man back in the USADA testing pool?

  18. Dude doesn’t own a shirt now

  19. Bro looks like a white boy version of nate diaz in the 2nd pic 😂😂

  20. They cloned this man

  21. Spoiler Alert: He never fights again.

  22. He’s only 3ft 2″ he looks big but it’s only because you don’t have a banana for scale

  23. It’s funny how all these guys morph into one. He looks like Joe Rogan.

  24. Juice head monkey

  25. Let him debut 170 vs. Cumshot

  26. His success was his comparative hitting power at 145. At 170 he’s just another top 20’er if that.

  27. Such a nozzle.

  28. Dude’s done fighting

  29. What about this whole bulk up makes you think he’s gonna fight at 155??????

  30. Enough of this guy

  31. Reply
    VastEntrepreneur752 December 1, 2022 at 3:19 am

    more steriods

    just different kind of steriods

    he’s gonna switch from the Arnold cycle to the TJ dillashaw cycle when he needs to cut weight

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