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    KeyboardWarrior1988 April 4, 2022 at 11:20 pm

    Don’t forget for fast wireless charging put your phone in the microwave.

  2. My brain took way too long to C what they meant

  3. This is exactly the type of dumb fuckery I would do to annoy someone.

  4. This guy’s surely press 3 buttons simultaneously when it say ‘press ESC’

  5. This… this is why prebuilt companies exist

  6. “USB Type C”

  7. “Ha ha, very funny, Dad.”

  8. Its a “Type C” port used for “Type C” cable which is for fast data transmission.

  9. I mean honestly if the person answering knew the other person was a beginner then the person answering should have been more specific than just “Type C”.

  10. That’s the neat part.

    You don’t.

  11. it is a C version of USB port…. 😀

  12. 1394 versions of this joke.

  13. You tell them that you meant usb type-c. Why are computer people always so condescending towards people that dont know?

  14. Well technically it’s USB-C. But 😂

  15. No Patrick… It’s just the type of cable it uses.

  16. you must find the “any” key to continue.

  17. I’m old but my favorite tech story is the guy who was upset that his cup holder on his computer broke. He ranted about how it couldn’t hold a large coffee, who was this made for, it snapped off, etc.

    He was legit pissed.

    I had no idea what he was talking about and didn’t know where to begin…

    “I pushed the button. The cup holder comes out. It snapped off this morning and made a mess.”

    It took way too long to figure out that he was talking about the CD-ROM drive which, I suppose, kind of looks like a cup holder complete with futuristic pop out feature.

  18. I mean, he’s dumb, but also your answer was poor and you shouldn’t be surprised he was left with more questions after it.

    You should have said something like, “It’s a type-C USB port. You can plug a type-C USB cable into it for faster transmission and charging than you would get over the older type-B USB cables.” This conveys all relevant information and provides context for terms like “Type-C”

    Your answer wouldn’t have made sense to him unless he already knew what “type-C” meant, in which case he wouldn’t have asked the question in the first place

  19. That’s what you get for being unspecific;)

  20. “No, it’s USB Type-C. It’s what the Switch and most Android phones use for charging, but is also fast for transferring data”. Just clarify.

  21. This feels like a post I’d see on Facebook

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    BuyMyShitcoinPlzzzz April 4, 2022 at 11:20 pm

    Just say USB-C next time.

  23. This is why I call it a USB-C

  24. By wording it correctly the first time.


    It’s a USB Type-C port. Kinda on you for assuming they’d make the connection with you just saying Type C, especially if you know they are technically challenged.

  25. Who calls it Type C instead of USB C anyway? Especially to someone who clearly isn’t involved with that kind of stuff.

  26. > How do you reply to this?

    By not being an asshole and realizing that not everybody automatically supplies the “USB” and typing it out yourself:

    “What I meant was that it’s a USB type C port”.

    If you’re talking to a non-tech person and just blurt “Type C”, that’s on you.

  27. To be fair, “Type C” was a ***ridiculous*** answer, especially to someone that clearly doesn’t know what the hell is going on.

  28. There is no way this is a real conversation between 2 human beings.

  29. Send this link?


  30. Tell him type B

  31. You know some people just don’t have a whole lot going on upstairs if you know what I mean.

  32. just write : Its USB type C .Now i wanna “C”rush your brain into higher state of mind .

  33. do the “We’ve recognized that you typed “C” for “Cat”, welcome to our cat facts.” bullshit and send them some cat facts.

  34. “Ok, give the phone to your caretaker, I’ll explain with him”

  35. By explaining what you mean in full to a technical illiterate.

    They’re literally just doing what the guy said. They unlikely even understand that USB has types, if they even think of it as USB at all. Most lamens would just say “phone cable”, “charger cable”, etc.

  36. I *honestly* don’t believe this is real

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    ITriedLightningTendr April 4, 2022 at 11:20 pm

    If you didnt know this was USB you wouldn’t know we’re the fuck Type C meant

  38. Maybe learn how to speak a little better. “It’s a usb type c port, they are faster than older types of USB ports”

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