1. There is no room for error there. The trust these guys have in their safety gear, the condition of the road etc is huge

  2. It sounds like angry bees, at first.

  3. *What* it looks like

  4. Isle of man TT ?

  5. The adrenaline

  6. Imagine someone saying “ah shit I gotta cross the road. Let me do it quickkla aaaaah fuuuuck”. I’ve seen it happen with rally cars and speed cycling.

  7. Remember reading how one rider said he knew his line so well that his shoulder would just brush a hedge as he came round one particular corner. Until the day he got it slightly wrong and discovered it was a moss covered wall

  8. *zZOOOoooooomm

  9. Those are some fast bees!

  10. I love that tiny bit of blue padding on the pole at 30 seconds. I’m pretty sure the whole pole would get taken out of the ground if the bike (or driver) hit it.

  11. * How 300km/h looks


    * What 300km/h looks like

    Not Both.

  12. The Isle of Man TT is fucking incredible!

  13. I find watching this incredibly stressful

  14. I dunno, that looked like 299.9 to me

  15. That’s a bit quick.

  16. r/oddlyterrifying

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    Frequent_Intention93 April 4, 2022 at 10:33 pm


  18. they shmovin’

  19. Pov: me and the boys heading to your moms

  20. Thank god someone put cushioning on this steel post at 0:30

  21. I’ve been this fast in my car. It’s crazy how fast it feels. When you drive 150 and think “it’s only double this, it can’t be bad” is so wrong.

    The speed at which everything flies by is insane. You have almost no time to think before it’s 1km behind you.

  22. Skip to 20 sec.

  23. What 300 km/h looks like in 10 fps*

  24. Don’t know man.. This is just way too dangerous. I get it, it looks cool from outside but I can’t support it knowing how often people die.

  25. Anybody else get a weird uncanny valley feel to this, like it’s poorly edited CGI? I know it’s not, but because of the unnatural speeds and the rural setting it almost looks fake.

  26. 186.411 MPH for the non-commies.

  27. …what’s satisfying about this again?

  28. Now I want to see it with cars on the autobahn. Watching super fast flybys is super cool.

  29. They move that fast the last guy didn’t know they past him

  30. guy on sideline blinks: whoops guess i missed the race again.

  31. Leaning in at that speed too … amazing

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    Sexychildrenfucker April 4, 2022 at 10:33 pm

    the camera is barely catching some frames in the first part

  33. I now know why the ships in Star Wars sound how they do

  34. The visuals almost look distorted they are going so fast

  35. I’m not standing that close to the road!

  36. Is that Isle of Man?

  37. /r/soundporn

  38. You mean oddly terrifying

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