House blows up in a gas explosion, caught on ring doorbell…

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+1567 – House blows up in a gas explosion, caught on ring doorbell camera in the Netherlands.

2022-04-04 20:25:00

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House blows up in a gas explosion, caught on ring doorbell camera in the Netherlands. from ThatsInsane

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  1. Extra bit insane: everyone that was in the house got out alive!

  2. I live about 5 miles from there (happend today 04042022).

    What happend was there was a service guy installing a charging point (electric car) at the house. He hit the gas line. The gas gathered in the sub-basement and ignited (cause still to be determined).
    All residents are alive and are/have been treated. The service guy is alive and doing okay. Only thing is, he could face charges or a pretty big insurance claim for the damage he caused to that house and several houses around.

  3. The zoomed in version, I didn’t see it because there’s no circle around it

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    BroadcastStorm255 April 5, 2022 at 3:50 am

    Gas doesn’t melt wooden beams

  5. Imagine getting home from work and you’re just like… Dude where’s my ~~car~~ house?

  6. Thank god for the circle, I would have never noticed that.

  7. That was Jason Bourne, with his magazine in the toaster trick.

  8. Damn, how can that even happen?!

  9. aka freaking Poltergeist

  10. They made need to do some remodeling soon.

  11. As far as gas explosions, that’s small. Often they take out the neighbouring houses too!

  12. These houses are made of paper or what

  13. Why is this heavily downvoted that was sick?! props to the dude running out he looked badass as hell

  14. That’s what they get for storing jet fuel by the steel beams.

  15. Love me some electric heat and oven. Cuz why make your house a bomb? Dildos.

  16. The county is already flat enough without additional help! 😀

  17. Cardboard houses

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    Freshman_Beekeeper April 5, 2022 at 3:50 am

    That must’ve been one nuclear bathroom session.

  19. This happens in Florida, but meth is the cause.

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    unkn_compling_fors April 5, 2022 at 3:50 am

    Imagine coming back home after just leaving to get some milk

  21. Reply
    QuigleyDownUnder86 April 5, 2022 at 3:50 am

    What the fuck we’re they cooking?

  22. Is that you PG&E??? Did not know you expanded to the Netherlands ,,,,,,,,,,

  23. Glad to see people saying everyone got out a live but have to save that is a fortunately mild gas explosion compared to the few I covered working for the local news in my area. In those events the houses were completely obliterated with debris thrown throughout the neighborhood. Regardless of the scale though, pretty brutal.

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    ProfessorPetulant April 5, 2022 at 3:50 am

    House blows down rather than up?

  25. Breaking bad reference?

  26. That house fell like it was made of wafers.

  27. Are these houses built like American houses, plywood and plaster?

  28. Next door neighbors: honey you wouldn’t believe it but the neighbors house quite literally poofed out of existence

  29. My god.

  30. holy shit, I hope the insurance will cover THAT

  31. Contrary to popular belief, the circle is actually helpful because otherwise you wouldn’t know where to look until the house exploded. At that point you would have missed the beginning of the explosion, causing you to restart the video.

  32. That house seemed to go down pretty easy

  33. Scary stuff. Had a bit of a scare like that myself recently. Kitchen had so much gas you couldn’t get enough air in there, had to step out twice. Managed to stop the gas and air it out without an issue though. Damn power outage while the stove was just starting to boil water.

  34. Hmm, much less violent than I thought. Saw the aftermath of a gas explosion in a USA house, and all the debris pieces were smaller than an apple. Maybe Netherlands has some better safety codes?

  35. It looks like someone made it out.

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