Honestly, it’s ridiculous that the trio had any trouble…

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+689 – I get that food can’t be conjured by magic, but given that there are markets, farms, and even just food sources in the woods (plants, eggs, animals, etc.), if you can teleport, turn invisible, and summon food to you from reasonably far away, then it should be no problem acquiring food while remaining completely undetected. At one point in the book they swipe some food from a supermarket under the cloak and Hermione even leaves money for it—why wasn’t this routine? And even if you’re still worried about getting detected, they literally see other wizards summon fish out of a river. This on its own should make food shortage obsolete. Even if you aren’t next to a river, *accio deer! accio eggs! accio mushrooms!* I understand the need to make their situation more dreary, but this always felt a little too odd to me considering the magic we know that they can do.

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  1. To be totally real here. These are teenagers. None of their parents are outdoorsmen. They are decently sheltered as far as muggle survival training goes. I don’t fault them for not being super resourceful in the wilderness. It drives the plot. It makes the situation feel more dire. Food is some real shit when you don’t have it. Anyone who’s ever been that broke can tell you it’s rough. Plus, with the exception of them being wizards, they are still teenagers. How many teenagers do you know? Come on.

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    KowaiSentaiYokaiger April 4, 2022 at 3:55 pm

    If memory serves, the food they found in the wild was mostly plants and mushrooms. My guess is catching and cleaning animals would make them too squeamish and they may not know exactly how to do it properly.
    And if they had limited Muggle money, Hermione doesn’t seem the type to duplicate it; if she’s leaving money in a till, I can’t see her counterfeiting.

    As for the mushrooms, they may have done just that, but an Accio doesn’t determine which ones are safe to eat.

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    MasterAnything2055 April 4, 2022 at 3:55 pm

    Do these kids even know how to prep an animal ? And the countryside isn’t just full of carrots and potatoes.

    They had to be careful in towns as dementors were all over the place.

    Plus just depression and carrying a horcrux.

  4. Sure, I see the point to a degree. They have lots of magical resources. But they’re teenagers, who’ve mostly gotten all their meals cooked for them/served in the big hall. When I started living on my own at 16-17 I sure didn’t know how to cook and feed myself properly, and I basically could pop down to the shop whenever I fancied. Kinda relatable.

    Even if you can accio fish, mushrooms etc you gotta have other ingredients, the right cooking utensils and some skill to make it nice. Food is a big part of morale in general, when it sucks it makes sucky things even suckier.

    But I see how it serves a purpose storytelling wise, and therefore sacrifices some logic. Yet I buy it, shows how they lack vital skills and are just that – underprepared teenagers.

  5. They try not to steal from markets and so on.
    Hermione leaves money when she went to one.

    Also they were camping during winter, not the best time to forage in the woods for food.

    And the part about the fish, I don’t think it is common knowledge how to prepare a freshly caught fish.
    Yes I know the book states Hermione prepared the fish. But it is also mentioned that she is a shitty cook…

    They try to not attract attention. So I think a fire to prepare food is a risk, as is summoning an animal from who knows where. I think it would attract attention if a deer was flying through the air, even to muggles.

    Also they were 17…..

  6. I don’t remember anyone has accio something alive in this book…
    Based on the content transfiguration course, it is difficult to perform it on animals, especially advanced animals. Maybe it is more difficult to accio animals.

    On the other hand, I think they were trying to avoid places with people like markets. These places are not their targets and may lead to being caught.

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    RefrigeratorSmart881 April 4, 2022 at 3:55 pm

    Hermonie puts all the book in her bag but not food. Hell she a muggle go to CUB before hand

  8. I imagine that they can’t magically make food out of thin air. They can summon food, or cook with magic but they need ingredients. I also imagine food duplication is fake. I mean they can duplicate food but it has zero kcal, it’s just an illusion.

    Yes they could gather food but they kinda spend late autumn and winter in the thent, and it’s not the best time for fruits and eggs. And maybe killing animals was too much for them?

    I think shopping was the best option, but I imagine they maybe didn’t took that much muggle money and couldn’t go to the cantor?

    About stealing and going to shops I think they were little paranoid and afraid to leave spell protected zone.

    For me the biggest question mark is how Hermione packed whole library and spare clothes just in case, but didn’t take food. I think maybe she palned to take food in last moment to keep it fresh? Another option is they were always fed by someone else and didn’t think that much about after it was too late? Hermione is smart, but she sometimes forgets most basic stuff. Maybe they didn’t though it will be so easy to find them and they will eat out, but after Cafe situation they had to adjust?

    If I would have to live in a tent in a forest I would struggle with food too. Especially in autumn and winter. I wouldn’t be sure what fruits and mushrooms are ok to eat, I could not hunt for animals even with magic. I think fish is the best option but maybe they didn’t place tents next to a water and was afraid to being spotted?

    I think they often do irrational things, but they are teens so it’s not that improbable.

  9. You’re totally right and I’ve thought of this as well. There is absolutely no reason why at the start of their camping period, one of them couldn’t steal a fuck ton of shelf-stable foods from a local supermarket and shove them in that bottomless bag of Hermione’s. They technically could have even went after hours when the store was closed (assuming the supermarkets didn’t have night workers).

  10. It’s worse than that: You can multiply food that alreadzy exists. So they could’ve just waltzed onto a farm, used Geminio on some eggs, grabbed the magically multiplied eggs and left at no cost to the farmer. They specifically mention this in the very same book (I think?).

    They all turned into blithering idiots when it came to food.

  11. Summoning (Accio) requires a known existing target. It doesn’t just transport the nearest of the object you’re thinking of to you.

  12. “Why wasn’t this routine” Dude… it WAS. They were teens on the run, food wasn’t top priority at first. But as soon as they realized hunger made everything seem far worse than it was, they made it a priority. They went up and down the country, staying near muggle villages and either shopping foror stealing food. But do remember, their muggle funds were limited, and they worried they’d be on the run for years. So there was always a budgeting worry, and they were far too Gryffendore to conceive of just stealing food that would never be missed. Why “accio food” didn’t occure to them? Well for one thing, they worried someone would notice a loaf of bread zooming out a window or across the hills, and if you’re running for your life and in a heightened sense of anxiety and terror 24/7, common sense isn’t nearly as prevalent as you need it to be.

    You have a bystander perspective. You can’t truly grasp how it felt to be a teenager dropped out of school, cut off from even being able to tell your loved ones you were alive, and fearing every shadow and rustle of wind. That constant adranalin and flight response is enough to make anyone a gibbering mess. The fact that they endured this sense of life or death for months is remarkable. Only harry knew what true hunger was like. The few times he’d endured it, he wasn’t fleeing for his very life. He was mostly stuck in a safe place sulking on a bed. Even he figured worst case scenario from hunger would be physical discomfort (since none of them planned to starve to death). The psychological impact hunger had when combined with everything else? That was new. That’s what made them surrender to food being a priority. Then yeah, it was routine to stick close to food from there on out.

  13. “Accio Five Guys!”

    “Accio Five Guy’s Burgers…”

  14. Yep. DH has always been my least favorite book in the series because of how convenient the plot is. The 7 Potters plan, whils interesting, is really not a intelligent plan in the slightest. She needed to make their task hard and dramatic, so she made them starve. She needed time to pass so events would happen in very specific dates, so they spend weeks coming up with plans that end up just being invisibility cloak and polyjuice potion. She needed to make Harry have the Elder Wand, so he simply jist snatches Draco’s own wand from his hand and thn he becomes the master of every wand that has belonges to Draco, which, oh so conveniently, becomes the master of the Elder Wand. Also, btw, this is the first time ever in the series that is even mentioned that characters can go home for Easter, how convenient that they happened to end up in Malfoy Mantion on a occasion Draco was there (and Ginny had been safe at home and not at school, so she would be safe).

    Things happen in this book in a way that just isn’t convincing and are so obvious that are just there so the plot would go how she wanted it to go, and not because there’s a good and solid explanation in the story for why they happen. All books have some conveniences, but DH is too much, it’s all the time, and that’swhat why I’ve always enjoyed this book the least.

  15. Again: JKR did not create a perfect story. She wrote an amazing one, but she made plenty mistakes and oversights

  16. ive always thought the magic system was absolutely ridiculous because its way too overpowered, so then to make stakes jkr had to contrive some unlikely event and give someone the idiot ball. honestly whenever i write fanfiction i always want to remove being able to teleport or crate things etc but idk if people would think that there were too many canon changes.

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    Kendota_Tanassian April 4, 2022 at 3:55 pm

    They don’t have a lot of money on them, and Hermione won’t take food from a store without leaving money behind.

    They’re teenagers who don’t think ahead well.

    They don’t like the fish Harry caught, and were likely squeamish about preparing it.

    It’s likely none of them have the knowledge or desire for butchering any animals they caught, and only have the typical teenager’s knowledge of what they can scrounge for in the woods.

    And they’re not from the area, so what grows there might not be familiar to them.

    They’re more focused on what they need to do than figuring out how to eat, for now.

    And they don’t want to risk getting caught by using magic, or risking the invisibility cloak getting caught and exposing them.

    Harry and Hermione are muggle-raised, but Harry certainly isn’t familiar with the
    outside world and I doubt Hermione is very knowledgeable outside of her parent’s office.

    The trio simply is well out of their element and acting accordingly.

  18. Yeah it’s a plot hole.

    Really Harry should have waltzed into Asda one day, cleared the tinned shelves, and packed them up.

    Though when you dig deeper – why didn’t they stay in Premier Inns? You’re telling me the Death Eaters could track them down if they were hopping from Holiday Inn to Holiday Inn daily? Come on.

    ‘They had no money’ Hermione had some, duplicate it, or confound the owners.

  19. I think the biggest issue is that none of them knew how to ~cook ~ the food. Even if killing an animal is relatively easy with magic you have to skin it, remove interiors, properly clean the meat and spice it to make it edible to someone used to eat cooked food. As for canned food, I would argue noone of them is probably used to have it as a consistent option. Petunia and Molly are SAHMs and they cook on the regular, Hermione’s parents are super into being healthy so probably the option to organise a canned reserve didn’t come to their minds at all. I ran away from home at 16/17 and tbf I also realised I had organised well how to sleep, wash myself etc.. but completely glossed over how to feed myself 😂😂😂 I guess it was THAT taken for granted 😂😂

  20. And they don’t even have to worry about it being tasty. They are used to British food

  21. The kids were city folk . You don’t walk into the woods a master hunter/gatherer at 17 as a city slicker.

    They didn’t have enough money to continuously buying food.

  22. The books simultaneously wanted us to believe that wizards were so cut off from Muggle culture that they couldn’t even stretch themselves to understand them, knew so little about them it’s surprising they could even function in society, referring to the majority population as some sort of distant alien, and yet it was too dangerous for Hermione to go to the supermarket and get food in case she was spotted.

    By who? A wizard? The way they were portrayed they’d still be baffled by the automatic doors.

    If the problem was a lack of money, given that Harry couldn’t convert his at Gringott’s, you’d frankly think Hermione might have thought of that whilst packing literally every other valuable prop into a magic bag for weeks. Wizards may be bumbling, but even they know you take money out with you.

  23. So did the fans ever figure out how Molly could conjure/ summon food then if that went against magical laws? Or was Ron just talking out of his ass because he was hungry

  24. At a certain point they should have just stolen food. I get they are the good guys, but if you are starving just do it. Hang out behind a grocery store, when a truck shows up with new shipment confound the driver and anyone else coming out to unload the truck and then take everything you can carry. I know it’s probably extra not cool to use magic on muggles but like that could have been an argument the characters having. Maybe Ron, being the practical one does what I’ve described and Hermione objects because “magic against muggles is just like Voldemort does” and that causes him to leave or something. Doesn’t even change the plot

    Edit: they don’t even need to confound anyone. Use the invisibility cloak to just grab a box while the truck is being unloaded

  25. Also why did they insist on camping in the cold? Couldn’t they have chosen a more temperate climate?

  26. I suppose I would assume a “they tried to minimize risk” response from the writer.

    They definitely would be able to get food one way or another.

  27. I find it crazy that i’m the same age as harry ron and hermione was when they went camping across the nation for a year

  28. Surviving in the wild seems like useless muggle skills.

  29. You can’t accio persons, so you can’t accio animals either I assume.

    You could enlarge food tho

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