1. That ref doesn’t give a fuck . . .

  2. Classic fencing pose, his bones have been turned into blood. I am a dorctor.

  3. Always release if someone stands up with you. I’ve never seen it end well for the grappler when a fighter picks another up.

  4. For context. This is ADCC Trials, a tournament to get a place in the actual main tournament. Slams are legal only if you’re escaping a submission. Guy on top was in the process of getting choked, but slammed his way out of it. Refs reaction was everyone’s, but this was legal for anyone wondering

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    TheInvincibleBalloon April 4, 2022 at 7:34 pm

    “how’s your neck?”

    “It’s gone…”

  6. This is why slams should be legal in all BJJ formats.

    This dude had no fear of the slam.

    If you get slammed, you learn quickly not to hang onto an opponent who stands up. It’s incredibly bad practice. Be reaponsible for your own safety. Don’t rely on your opponent to return you to the mat gently. Let go before he lifts you off the mat.

  7. The dude that got slammed was asked recently how he’s doing

    “I’m doing great. I don’t have to go to work anymore! All those pesky deadlines, gone! I’m free as a bird. Although I do miss having feeling below my neck but whatever you win some you lose some”.

  8. He ended up being fine

  9. Idk why guys hold onto submissions when they get picked up. Obviously you’re about to get slammed?

  10. He put him right on his head. Goddamn

  11. Some say he saw every star in the galaxy that day.

  12. Literally a killer move.

  13. He looked already gas out. Doesn’t take much.

  14. It’s amazing how hard that hit was, since they are doing it on a soft mat.

    Imagine the same move done on cement.

  15. Holy shit this man slammed on that angle on purpose sheeesh.

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    urmyheartBeatStopR April 4, 2022 at 7:34 pm

    Sheesh… when I started out I had to choose between BJJ or Judo. I chose Judo, it’s a bit safer minus the fugly toes you get from injuries.

    They got rid of garuma and the scissor take down. iirc you can counter with garuma.

  17. That woman / ref had the look of “Oh fuck I am waaaay out of my depth with this one”.

  18. He aimed for that too. Hell yeah

  19. thank god he actually looks responsive

  20. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with her as my ref. I mean look at her face when he gets slammed. She’s outta her depth hahaha

  21. I didn’t know you were allowed to slam in these competitions. That was dope

  22. Is that legal in this competition?

    I used to spar with a BJJ guy that was always pissed when I picked him up. He said it wasn’t allowed, which I understand, but he also claimed he was learning BJJ to defend himself.

    Edit: to be clear. He practiced with me because I wasn’t in the BJJ classes and didn’t do what everyone was doing in the class. I was training MT at the time. I was also 50lbs heavier than him. The whole point was to help him get better at self defense so being surprised someone 50lbs heavier than you is going to pick you up when then can to get out of something is strange.

  23. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  24. Try it on concrete

  25. I would wager dude got DQ’d for the slam since its illegal. Just for clarity or anyone unaware of the rules here.

  26. Slams are illegal in most grappling tournaments 😬🫥😳

  27. Whatever martial art this is, I’m sure 100% this was a dick move.

    Why would you risk injuring yor opponent for life? No Sportsmanship whatsoever.

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  29. I’ll take “‘How to get DQ’d for 500’, Alec. “

  30. [removed]

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