1. 3 followers in prison

  2. 3 followers on the street

  3. me with 4 followers on reddit

  4. The only people that have ever followed me on reddit are porn accounts trying to get me to subscribe to their onlyfans.

  5. 3 followers at 3am on the way home from the pub

  6. Damn I’ve 260

  7. If you have 1 follower on Reddit i fell like there’s someone living in your walls…

  8. Me with my 18 followers…somehow

  9. Plot twist: it’s your relatives

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    Substantial_Bit2587 December 4, 2022 at 1:09 am

    If we all follow us all, we will get much happier

  11. 22 followers and I don’t know why

  12. Not to brag but I have 8 😎

  13. 3….PATHETIC! I HAVE 33! I do not consider one of them as they’re a pedophile who fuckin followed me through r/teenagers

  14. Twitter is far harder than Reddit if you Ask me

    -the Imu Guy

  15. Porn bots

  16. meanwhile me with 8

  17. There are followers on Reddit?

  18. 3, huh? Im the most well-known guy on the reddit, i guess.

  19. not really. either way is pretty lame

  20. My wife’s got 2,5K…

  21. 3 followers irl

  22. I have 19 and to this day I have no idea why

  23. Im up to 5 and not even halfway to my first cake day.

  24. I have 7 but they’re either friends or people who I followed and they followed back

  25. I have a friend with 52. Neither of us know why.

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