1. Love it.

    All Palace fans I know seem to hate Arsenal too. Makes sense given you’re both South London clubs!

  2. You sound attractive and smart, and I can only assume you attract both wealth and power in equal measure given your team affiliation

  3. we’re not worthy

  4. Bird noises!

  5. Viera is seriously doing a great job there. Had major doubts when he first joined but been completely proven wrong

  6. 🐓 🤝 🦅

  7. Prolific south london derby, south london is 🔵

  8. We’re both bird clubs after all


  10. Bang bang bird gang

  11. Great win. I’ll share this tidbit. My buddy doesn’t really watch soccer but one time I was watching a game and he was around asking me about the sport and the EPL. He saw the team name Crystal Palace and thought it sounded like a strip club name. So that’s his team now.

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    Various_Cicada5948 April 5, 2022 at 6:50 am

    My tribal chief

  13. You lads did great out there today, thank you 🤙🏽

  14. You beautiful bastard

  15. You have good genes and are the handsomest of lads.

  16. Superb tonight, don’t remember arsenal being so outclassed and well beaten since those heady Bayern 10-2 days.

  17. Will batter Brighton for you guys. How about that?

  18. You son of a bitch you actually did it. Do me a favour and have a fucking great night, you earned it.

  19. ♥️

  20. I hate you guys the least ❤️


  22. My favorite moment [aside from the goals and the Zaha (?) nutmeg on Ben Shite] was Zaha absolutely shithousing Soares on the wing, literally just pushing him away while they were contesting the ball and holding him at arm’s length in a show of brute strength and footballing nous. You could see on Soares’ face it absolutely broke him, so no surprise he was hooked before the hour was out.

  23. I always rated other bird-based clubs.

  24. Thought the post was gonna be “you’re welcome” 😉

    Many thanks! Palace was a clear class above tonight.

  25. i would die and or kill for you

  26. I love you

  27. Only fair palace did the same to the goons as to Nuno’s team

  28. Our avian brethren. Welcome.

  29. Nothing but love for our bird bros.

  30. Big Bird Club <3

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    pjanic_at__the_isco April 5, 2022 at 6:50 am

    You guys are my least unfavorites.

  32. If your a man, massive peen. If your a woman, massive personality. If you are neither, massive.

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    kicksjoysharkness April 5, 2022 at 6:50 am

    Take my upvote, dear Eagle

  34. I’ve always supported crystal palace over every other London club (except spurs obvi) because as a youth I used to black out on Crystal Palace vodka. IYKYK

  35. Thank you for your part we’ll take it from here

  36. ka fucking kaw

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    Strange-Ticket5680 April 5, 2022 at 6:50 am

    – Olise looks like a future world beater, no joke I’d take him in a second (bummed he wasn’t fit today)
    – Vieira is doing some really great things there. You look organized and like he’s got a plan in attack.
    – Eze looks like he might turn good (though I haven’t seen him in a while)
    – ffs stop playing Jordan Ayew, I just don’t get it.

    Future looks pretty bright for Palace, I’m stoked for you. Thanks for spanking the scum, that was a blast to watch

  38. Best team in London baby

  39. Glad y’all got vieira got to see him all the time in nyc and good fuckin win today boys

  40. Love you

  41. Always liked palace kits ngl

  42. Always rated you all. Hell of a game today.

  43. Thanks for wiping the floor with arsenal

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    ConstantGradStudent April 5, 2022 at 6:50 am

    Thank you Eagles for crushing the gooners. Zaha is such a great player to watch too.

  45. Only team not to concede to Man City this season. Congrats guys!

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