1. Im sure they make any character in a “slasher” kinda thing super fucking dumb to the point of being annoying, why the fuck both girls stayed IN PLACE while the killer is barely walking towards them…

  2. I thought she was going to cut the dog’s collar

  3. even the killer has standards

  4. The good ending

  5. Plottwist: the dog killed more humans than the masked man

  6. This game started out super strong and just plummeted at the end. So many plot points they could have delved into but they just stayed basic :(. I really had hope for this one

  7. I fucking hate how dumb all horror characters are.

  8. Everything for the dog

  9. Based

  10. Why is the video butchered like this?

  11. Did anyone else not get that first scene with the dog in their playthrough? I never met Connie with Mark, but then later when Connie showed up on the dock, he still knew its name was Connie.

  12. I vibe with this guy.

  13. Idk this seems more like a promo or an ad for the streamer than anything..

  14. Alhways pat doggu.

  15. really wanted players to kill that dog

  16. That guy has his priorities set

  17. Epic gamer moment

  18. Priorities people priorities

  19. I dont get it. What would be the point of her killing the dog?

  20. This is so fucking long for this sub’s format lmao

  21. In reality, the pit bull would’ve attacked both characters.

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