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    peanutbuttershudder April 4, 2022 at 4:18 pm

    Just saw them less than a week ago in DC. It was an incredible show. Sucks they contracted covid at some in the last few days :/ hopefully they all recover and have mild symptoms

  2. I’m a fan, but help me understand how they were nominated in the ‘New Artist’ category at the Grammys?

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    Colton-Landsington April 4, 2022 at 4:18 pm

    as if i needed another reason to adore Glass Animals

  4. One of my favorite bands. Good on them for this move. Hope they won

  5. Daði Freyr and band did this as well for Eurovision?

  6. Love Glass Animals! One of my favorite bands.

  7. My ex was a massive glass animals fan. She also slipped a little into the anti vaccination Qnon crowd during the pandemic. This is great.

  8. Speaking of: nominated for best new artist?? Haven’t they been around for years?

  9. I wonder if they all hung out together and just jammed, played video games and watched movies while sick

  10. Three of the best new-ish albums around if you ask me too

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    Mojo_Ambassador_420 April 4, 2022 at 4:18 pm

    No shit. Are they just going to perform with out the singer? I think not.

  12. Well most likely they have all been exposed or have it since they work closely in a band.

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    EdAdamsFromTorrance April 4, 2022 at 4:18 pm

    or : a group of people who likely had exposure to a confirmed COVID case had to quarantine from a group event?

  14. I don’t even know who those people are

  15. People watch the Grammys?

  16. Damnit I was fifth row two weeks ago..

  17. They’ve put out some bangers and bops for sure. But then like 80% of their songs sound exactly the same.

    I saw them live last summer, and it was loads of fun but they came out with guitars and were pretty clearly just pretending to play them.

    I was a huge Glass Animals fan when Dreamland came out but have since mellowed out on them.

    Thanks for coming to my Glass Animals TEDx Talk.

  18. Love the glass animals! That genre of music has become by far my favorite. Hoping for a quick recovery!

  19. “if he doesn’t have to go, I’m not going”

  20. It’s incredible how left reddit has become. Bunch of pussies. It’s been a less than 1% death rate since day one.

  21. Generation 2 Internet meme detected.
    Protocol A420-B69 activated.
    Meme approved.

  22. Man this one really made me Laugh out Loud (LoL)

  23. I like this, but it’s 699

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