1. I’m over here waiting to see a car crash or something, just waiting… waiting. Oh it’s punishment, wtf.

  2. Australian’s? 🤣 Publicly humiliate the car

  3. My favourite thing about this post is the people commenting who have no idea about Australia’s hooning problem / laws. This is completely justified, can guarantee he already had a few strikes and this was the final one so they crushed the car.

  4. What kind of car is that?

  5. Did you see the car? They did him a favor.

  6. What a stupid waste of public money & resources! Using all those emergency services staff and that equipment to chop up an old car in the street.

  7. Justice severed**

  8. What the hell is she listening to? Who would do that to that perfect song?

  9. Wtf did the car do? It was the drivers fault

  10. Well, they can hail an Uber to get the kid from the hospital.

  11. Snowflakes🤦🏾‍♂️

  12. Congratulations, it’s a cabriolet!

  13. That boy car got a carcumcision.

  14. Anyone know what town this is? Kind of looks like Townsville, kind of looks like south of Brisbane

  15. Ok but did they need to publicly execute the car?

    Like bruh the properly scalped it and everything

  16. What the fuck is this performative bullshit lol.

  17. This was extremely informative, thank you!

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    glenglenglenglenglen December 1, 2022 at 2:29 am

    I think idiocy like this reveals more about the parents than it does about the unborn baby.

  19. Why are they cutting the car in front of an audience?

  20. Why are they cutting the car in front of an audience?

  21. Gender reveal parties claim another victim

  22. Hahaha absolutely fucking deserved

  23. Who doesn’t like a targa ?

  24. Was there a family in need that could used that car instead?

  25. Imagine spending $1,000 to make sure everyone knows what your kids genitals look like

  26. The comments of this post are very obnoxiously anti fun. Dude was just doing a burnout on an empty street, live a little. A fine would more than suffice, not jail time and destruction of his property

  27. Impounding the vehicle had limited affect to people racing and doing burnouts hence the harsh penalty. You will find a majority of cars used in this manner to be heavily defective, so destroying the vehicle helps removing the vehicle from public roads and also serves as a warning to others.

  28. Some people can elect to have this done over fines/loss of license

  29. [deleted]

  30. That’s awful. Makes me sick. Dude was doing it on an empty road. Sure the smoke was excessive but fuck me that’d turn me mental.

  31. Why not donate the car to someone who needs it. Or sell it at auction and donate the proceeds. This seems like a massive waste.

  32. What if they are hooning with a chariot and horse. Saw that vid of Irish traveler’s running horse races on the highway posted yesterday. Will they chop that as well?

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    YouWantToKnowWhoIAm December 1, 2022 at 2:29 am

    Australian tyrants still treating their citizens like its a prison colony

    fuck a fine apparently

  34. To be fair we used to shop folks up for less in the past.

  35. I really like that mix in the background.

  36. To everyone saying this was excessive or that thr police shouldn’t of done this etc.

    The state of Queensland (and most other states of Australia) have passed Anti-Hooning Laws.

    You can have your car confiscated on your 2nd type 1 offence or on your 4th type 2 offence.

    Once your car has been confiscated the police and local govt destroy your car.

    The law is laid out very clear so the dickhead who done this burnout must of had either 1 type 1 or 3 type 2 offences already.

  37. Bogans being bogans.

  38. Is that the Holden version of a Beretta?

  39. Are we even sure this is the same car? Looks like one is dash cam footage and the the second half is is just an extrication demonstration by the fire department.

    I’ve never heard of offender’s cars being given to a fire department for destruction. I need to switch departments if that is the case…

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