1. rj/ It’s true. Once you melt the flesh off, it’s a skull underneath. And skulls are very masculine.

  2. One of these days these “transvestigators” are going to see themselves in the mirror and lose their minds

  3. It always returns to phrenology.

  4. Those skull outlines are definitely clipping out of the faces they’ve been laid over.

  5. I like how they’re just superimposing a drawing of a “masculine” skull over their faces as if it proofs anything. Its supposed to fit, but it fits as well as a circle superimposed over a square and they’ll say “yup, the square is actually a circle”.

  6. Do you know who also measured skull shape?


  7. I know the perfect response for phrenology


    (back up and perform a 360 flying spin-kick)

  8. terf be like “let’s antagonize a certain minority of ‘fake’ women and try to strip them of all their rights! what could possibly go wrong? is not like I, a ‘real’ woman, will be falsely accused of being a ‘fake’ woman along with my fellow ‘real’ women by other like-minded ‘real’ women that live in constant paranoia of ‘fake’ women”

    transvestigators are stupid but I have no sympathy for jowling kowling rowling getting harassed by them. Trans rights are human rights, rowling get fucked

  9. Eugenics Skull theory making a comeback? 😳

  10. Oh we’re doing this again.
    So when will the ~~nazis~~ “real women” meet at beautiful lakeside villa and hold a conference to decide on a solution? or as someone could call it – *the final solution*

  11. My favorite transvestigation was when they thought Elliot Page was a trans woman, then when he came out doubled down that he was a trans woman who detransitioned back into being a man. Transvestigators are truly delusional

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    Total_Distribution_8 January 31, 2023 at 3:03 am

    The trans are terfs we identified along the way?… 🤷🏾‍♂️

  13. Holy shit is this unhinged. I can’t imagine this level of trans obsession as a trans woman but cis women getting pinpointed as trans has increased a lot lately.

  14. “Sir, phrenology was dismissed as quackery 160 years ago.”

  15. /uj

    What I love about this sort of shit is it ultimately gets to the very root of transphobia, and really any phobia and panic: fascism.

    It’s not actually about protecting women, or children, the country, what have you. It’s about ostracizing people who are different than you, and as the numbers of those you are ostracizing dwindle, you’re going to need more people to fill that gap because God forbid the masses actually understand that the root of the problem is unjust hierarchy!

    The same rhetoric that a fascist’s useful idiot (in this case, TERFs) uses against an outgroup, will always eventually be used against them once that outgroup has been eliminated in whatever way they see fit.

    The image in question is a particularly weird and sudden shift, but it makes sense given how Fascism works. Trans folks don’t fit in with their ideal vision of society, like any group that they seek to ostracize. Once all those groups have left, and their supposed “ideal“ has been achieved, they are going to go after their own, for the minuscule reasons that they may not fit in. In this case, cisgender women with manly features.

    At some point in a fascist utopia, when all the brown people and gay people are gone, they’re going to go after the ugly people. And it just so happens that a lot of ugly people happen to be TERFs lmao. These guys are just doing a speed run.

  16. Imagine doing this with your time.

    Calling yourself a “Transvestigator” and “comparing” skull shapes by randomly overlaying line sketches of skulls over faces. The skulls don’t even line up ffs!

  17. With those brainpans, I’d say they’re more likely stagecoach tilters.

  18. I got really scared that Parker Posey, an actress I’ve always enjoyed, was suddenly holding goddamn terf rallies.

  19. Skull shapes?
    The fuck kind of gestapo shit is this?

  20. Leopards moment

  21. UJ/ Oh, good ol’ phrenology, of course they’d be using that. They’re transphobic, bigoted, *racist,* anti-semitic, and despite what they claim about themselves, patriarchal anti-feminists.

  22. I am wholeheartedly confused

  23. A TERF being accused of being trans? Boomerang effect is bussin’.

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    Suspicious_Mode_550 January 31, 2023 at 3:03 am

    Bringing back phrenology to own the libs

  25. “Hmm yes today I will fight a windmill” <- avg transphobe

  26. Why do bigots always end right back at fucking skulls?

  27. What does this have to do with gamers?

  28. When will people stop trying to use skull shapes to discriminate?

  29. Well, it’s not the sound science of phrenology but I’ll give them credit where it’s due.

  30. [It’s just like what our dark queen said.](https://youtu.be/fD2briZ6fB0?t=359)

  31. Transvestigators are really funny if you avoid thinking about the implications. Once I found a video from one transvestigator that supposedly “proved” Donald Trump was trans. It was 40 seconds long and just…. showed some pictures of the former president playing a sport and zooming in on his crotch or ass in each one. No words, just some generic background music.

  32. Good to see people bringing back the psychological theories of the 18th and 19th centuries

  33. Least bigoted gamer moment.

  34. Did they just reinvented phrenology?

  35. fascists are like hamsters: very stupid and they eat their own kind under stress.

  36. Damn they’re really summoning the ancient magic of *ye olde racism* to make their point…

  37. not posie Parker

  38. I have a cursed confession to make.

    I think JK Rowling is kinda hot. (until you think about the transphobia but just when it comes to looks she’s kinda hot)

    Edit: dang I really made some folks angy with this one oof

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