1. I take issue with this

  2. Unusually I feel an immeasurable pressure to think of more su-sh sounds

  3. Sean Connery heard about thish?

  4. Surely you can’t be serious

  5. Suame on you.

  6. When “Suit yourself” takes on a whole new meaning

  7. You got me… I thought this was actually an actual TIL

  8. I would pressure you to consider this issue a bit more, just to ensure that you are correct.

  9. Sut up with that bull suit

  10. Sure it is

  11. Suge Knight is sure

  12. Surely you must be mistaken

  13. Even “surcharge” is shurchage if you’re Sean Connery.

  14. why is everyone repeating the joke in the OP?

  15. This is the funniest joke I ever heard?

  16. Oh yeah? What about cucumber… oh wait

  17. Reply
    Mysterious-Bath-7182 February 5, 2023 at 7:17 am

    Are you Sure?

  18. This thread made me realize that in the year 2023 the average redditor is completely and utterly retarded.

    Not only did fewer than 5% of the commenters understand the punchline to this simple joke, none of those retards read the comments and blithely posted a variation of two simple comments: “Are you sure?” or “Sean Connery disagrees”.

  19. Unlesh you’re shpeaking like Sean Connery

  20. Do you want to take out the insurance on that bet?

  21. Tell that to Sean Connery…

    He’d say “You’re shadly mishtaken, and I’m shuper disappointed in you.”

  22. Sure it is.

  23. [deleted]

  24. The amount of morons repeating the punchline in this thread, is astonishing.

  25. Perhaps. But why is this posted as a “joke”?? Does it imply it’s not the only word after all?

  26. I thought this was r/ShowerThoughts and was boutta go full “Um, actually..”

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