Four-day week: 3,000 employees in the UK to take part in the…

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+3879 – Four-day week: 3,000 employees in the UK to take part in the biggest trial of its kind

2022-04-04 14:26:05

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  1. 32 hour work week should be the norm.

    Most jobs that aren’t output driven probably have 10+ hours a week of “Yes boss, I’m working hard here!” pretend work time where you act like you are working but you really aren’t because you don’t need to be, or don’t have anything to do.

    Output driven positions should be adjusted to also work 32 hours a week for the same pay.

    A better work/life balance means employees are happier, more productive, and less likely to turn over.

  2. This is what will happen, like all the other trials:

    It’ll be a resounding success, and the program will not be implemented

    Or it’ll be scrapped before it finishes.

    Because greed

  3. *cries in hourly paid wage*

  4. I like this idea, I am curious to see how it develops in practice. In prior studies, employees took second jobs or worked overtime to earn more, trading their life balance for $.

    I wonder if wages would stagnate in the out years.

    For me, I would rather have more time than money, Soni know where I would side.

  5. Ugh I do 10 hour days as it is and literally live for long weekends. I don’t even want a long vacation that makes me fall behind. I just want that extra day in the week to relax, run errands and do things that help me grow like some clases on beefing up my skills.

    But alas, I work for a US company and don’t anticipate this happening ever at my firm. Friday afternoon grinds are just about a habit now.

  6. I’m in the US so I’m not sure are these employees currently working a 5-day a week, 40-hour work week? If so, will they move to a 4 ten-hour day thus still a 40-hour work week or a 4 eight-hour day, thus a 32-hour work week but still get paid for a 40-hour work week? Thank you.

  7. I’d love to see this happen but there is zero chance any corporation is going to pay the same weekly pay for 8 hours less time at work.

  8. If it’s about working 40 hours over 4 days instead of 5, then forget it. I’m an old geezer and if I worked a 10 hour day I would need to go sleepy bo-bo’s for a couple of hours after lunch, lol.

  9. TIL how many people on Reddit comment on an article without actually reading it!

  10. Ok don’t get me wrong, working four days a week sounds way better. But I’m super skeptical of it increasing productivity long term.

    Like if my boss was trialling a four day work week, you fucking bet I’m going to work my ass off. But once that four day week is implemented and isn’t going anywhere, my productivity is going to return to normal.

  11. Reply
    yourfavoritepenguin7 April 5, 2022 at 6:40 am

    This is cool but going from 40 hours to 32 hours would kill my paycheck. And where I live, no amount of money is enough money.. Unfortunately

  12. Less days commuting would be nice but working longer hours sucks big time. Too tired from work to do anything. Days off are nice but no routine.

  13. DVLA have a shorter week than that already, it seems they do bugger all, even less than bugger all following covid.

  14. Realistically I could do my job most weeks in 3 days, busy weeks in 4, and ‘this is really not my job but I get it you don’t want to hire two more people who’s responsibility this should really be’ in 5.

  15. Hopefully this goes well, the Microsoft Japan location did well with it!

    It does beg the question though, so many people in the United States already struggle with 5 day work weeks, is a 4 day work week even feasible?

  16. Feel privileged to work for a company that has been trialling this for nearly 18 months now. 30 hours split over 4 days, any day off (or any two mornings/afternoons). The company also allowed staff to work fully remotely after COVID lock downs (but I joined as a fully remote employee).

    The good news is it’s great. The bad news is it spoils every other opportunity out there.

  17. My boss just came in and talked about this, said we wouldn’t do this if it came to Ontario because, and I quote, “I want to spend as little time with my family as possible.”

    But I really hope this takes off, 3 days weekends are mentally perfect, a day to get stuff cleaned and destress, a day to restress about work and get ready with all that but a day inbetween to relax, go somewhere, mentally disconnect from work.

  18. *Cries in 4-night 12 hour weeks.*

  19. Asian countries be like, “Whaaaat?!”

  20. Don’t balls it up for the rest of us.

  21. 4 day weeks lmfao. I’m not working two jobs cause I just love working.

  22. It may not work for every situation, but we moved to 4-10s with OnCall every 8 weeks.

    The way it worked out, when I came off call, I got 5 days off. I never noticed the extra 2 hours/day, but I noticed being able to go to a state office any Monday.

  23. Reply
    voodoo_chile_please April 5, 2022 at 6:40 am

    I want to preface my question by saying I’m absolutely in favor of the four day work week and less hours. I think the trials show a positive outcome and, despite my question, would still be the result. I’m simply curious about the trial and process. So, here’s the question:

    How do they adjust for people knowing this is only temporary and working harder during the trial to get it implemented? For example, if I was part of the trial, I would work much harder than normal and encourage others to do the same, in hopes that it would get permanently implemented.

    Another example. If our work implemented it permanently, I can’t say that I’d work as hard as a trial, because of the reason previously listed. Id be happier, no doubt, but outside of doing the same work in less time, I wouldn’t “increase” my productivity in the sense that I’d work harder.

  24. If my company forced 32 hour weeks they’d love about half my time. I. My experience large companies like to take and take take until you’re fully burned out.

  25. Thematically I love this so much, and want to see society move to it.

    Practically I struggle with it a bit though, it’s hard to see it mandated by a government for a lot of the reasons already mentioned, which means for any customer facing business it’s really hard to execute when your industry isnt.

    Customer needs something on a Friday, but you are Monday to Thursday. Great for your competitor who is open on Fridays, you’ve just lost a customer.


    Employee extra people to cover the same 5 days on a 4 day roster, other than logistically being impractical you have just increased your operating costs, which subsequently impacts your pricing and your competitor wins.

    I’ll be watching this with intent, I’m curious how they resolve customer facing and hoping that this might be the start of a societal change because I fear if we wait for it to be corporation lead we might be waiting a long time.

  26. We don’t need a trial. It will be a huge success. What’s my data you ask? Just that I don’t want to burn down the building where I work when I’ve enjoyed three days of rest.

  27. Tried 4 day week for a little while. Was a little bit…eh. Problem being, I worked for a place which doesn’t recognize overtime, so 4 10 hour days was really more like 4 11-12 hour days, plus nasty traffic. The weekends were great, but those 4 days were worthless for anything except work. Then occasionally they’d slip in a fifth day usually once a month…

    It would work with strict 10 hour days, or preferably 8. Stretch people to work more and they just tend to use the time to waste as much as possible.

  28. Good, yes. The **whole promise** of tech was to give people increased time for their families and art and *living* while robotics took over the jobs they could. Instead, we got a situation where people have to find other work to fill in the new free time afforded – even if there’s nothing they *need* to be doing.

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