1. It’s true.

    There are students I have that are not diagnosed but learn best with the same accommodations provided to students who are diagnosed.

    When you set up your classroom to support all students and allow them to choose how they want to learn the material, you remove a lot of the barriers students face.

  2. I was expecting this to be something really awful / showing a lack of understanding when I read the title.

    I don’t think this is the whole picture of ‘how to help students with ADHD’ but it’s a damn sight more empathetic than a lot of peoples’ views.

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    Formal_Student2959 April 5, 2022 at 12:48 am

    I was actually about to post about this on unpop. Ppl have no idea how hard life can be with ADHD. When those self-diagnosed ppl say they have it and say “oh look! A squirrel!” I usual just walk away. If I don’t, well… I don’t have a filter so…

  4. I feel this. I’ve been dealing with the absolute most difficult college class I’ve taken so far. Why? Because it’s structured like an online asynchronous format. (But it’s in-person, so throw in some social anxiety too. Why not?)

    For whatever reason, it’s incredibly difficult for me to keep with this class. Maybe because I have to multitask on several different programs, websites, and video demos. Maybe I’m just getting overwhelmed and distracted by how just how many assignments and notifications there are. Maybe it’s because our prof only gives us 2 days to finish 2 projects simultaneously (which others are able to do, but I can’t).

    I’m getting straight A’s in all my other classes except this one because it’s unaccommodating.

    We need more “ramps”. Ramps don’t just help people that can’t walk up stairs; they help everyone.

    Making classes more accommodating for students with ADHD or other disorders helps all students.

    Not installing “ramps” into your classroom won’t be a barrier for everyone in the class, but it will still be a barrier for those that need a ramp.

  5. Sometimes I wonder what my life would’ve been like with early childhood intervention…

  6. OP, how do you feel about the message of the Facebook post?

  7. Call him a donut

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