1. And this is how you start religion.

  2. The orange image is a mockup created when an artist was inspired by reading the news story, but Finland really did try this [and there are real photos](https://pcdn.columbian.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Finland_Fluorescent_Antlers.jpg)!

  3. That’s a reindeer, not a deer

  4. Imagine going to Europe and finding one of those without knowing about it.

  5. Eikthyr?

  6. You ever try and make something safer and accidentally make a new god

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    Few_Abbreviations405 November 27, 2022 at 1:06 pm

    If I saw that deer in the middle of the night like in that second image, I would be scared shitless

  8. Old gods of Appalachia

  9. Give them red eyes too and you’ll never have another deer strike problem.

  10. Dude that looks badass as hell

  11. Took me longer to get this joke than I care to admit lmao

  12. does this not make them vulnerable to wolves/bears at night?

  13. I have a genuine question. What do they do for does and fawns? neither of them have antlers

  14. Eikþyrnir?

  15. …shit, now I want to write. That second image is so cool

  16. they look like a dark souls boss now

  17. What if this dudes have predators? Like damn imagine being a bear and your dinner is walking around with RGB LEDs on their head

  18. I mentioned this to one of my drivers the other day after he hit an elk. Dark two lane heading up into the mountains, luckily all it did was crack the fiberglass and headlight cover.

  19. Can’t people just see the shiny red noses?

  20. Not going to lie that looks mythical as fk 😮😮😲

  21. How to make predators job easier

  22. Wouldn’t they need to do this with every male every year?

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