1. This looks like an ad for a proprietary as fuck set of coffee making equipment that costs more than a car.

  2. Espresso

  3. Me mixing ready-mix coffee in hot water…

  4. I’d kill someone by the time my coffee was ready

  5. I was gonna make fun of this but then I saw that pour…

  6. I’d like to know what Italians make of this.

  7. The most pretentious fucking thing I have ever seen.

  8. I couldn’t let it go and had to know how much one of these things would set you back. I looked up just the expresso maker. I’m pretty sure its the same one, if its not, it looks a lot like it. Its called the Flair 58 manual expresso maker. It’s about $600.00. and that’s just the maker and not the fancy grinder and all the other fancy accessories.
    Gotta admit gonna waste a good chunk of this afternoon checking out videos of these things.

  9. This is psychotic

  10. This is some Gale Boetticher shit.

  11. Reminds me of a crackhead turning his cocain into crack.

  12. What are you/they spraying on the beans before grinding them?

  13. I’d argue that 99.99999% of the humans actually have no sense of diffentiating the subtlety of a coffee’s flavor. With these expensive machines and beans, it’s really just 90% psychological factor that improves the “taste”.

  14. Me after Taco Bell

  15. Morning coffee is sacred

  16. Whats with misting the beans before grinding? Never heard of hat before.

  17. Okay but I am going to need caffeine before I can start this process!!

  18. I love coffee but this is not satisfying at all

  19. I think I just came

  20. Only took 3 hours to make!

  21. I’m curious if anyone has a link for this setup. While I doubt I could afford it, I’d love to learn more about it.

  22. All this is missing is a Patrick Bateman narration.

  23. I wish I cared about anything as much as this person cares about espresso

  24. Masturbatory and pedantic.

  25. Rube Goldberg called and wants his coffeemaker back!

  26. More a question of why, it’s hard to say it’s satisfying when you just took that long to make a little cup of coffee

  27. A coffee.maker that cost more than my medical.bills……

  28. that’s an awful lot of work for a cup of coffee.

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    Rational_Engineer_84 January 31, 2023 at 2:00 am

    Well, I enjoyed it but then again I watch James Hoffman videos on Youtube. Even if I lack the energy to make espresso at home, it’s kind of fascinating to watch other people do it.

    As far as hobbies go, this is pretty harmless. It’s wild how much hate the video is getting here. I don’t get the desire to police other people’s time.

  30. Had an officer on a deployment with a travel version of this. Yeah, the coffee after the several minutes of making it was pretty darn good. But he basically took up a huge amount of space and would constantly insist how great it was. Yeah bro- it’s good coffee. But I got watch in 2 minutes and I don’t have time to listen you go on and on about how amazing it is without actually getting any coffee, so I’ll just drink the shifty stuff from crews mess.

  31. This is amazing and I want it (but probably don’t have the money lol)

  32. The fetishization of coffee is ridiculous.

  33. Not so much “satisfying as fuck” as “why the fuck”.

  34. My only complaint is it is not “a cup of coffee “. Mislabeled videos are not satisfying at all. As always IMNSHO

  35. Bean water

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    International-Grade January 31, 2023 at 2:00 am

    You actually get more tasting notes from a pour over. Typically an espresso will always end up tasting like an espresso bc of the high concentration. In other words all that extra work seen here will probably taste the same as an espresso without the extra work.

    One can geek out though 🙂

  37. I love coffee (highly addicted) and I enjoy good coffee… but this is pretentious as all hell.

  38. This is excessive.

    So there’s a special brushed steel cup whose sole purpose is holding the beans while you squirter them with that mist.

    It goes glass test-tube > brushed steel cup > spray > grinder > shaky cup > etc

  39. Milk and 2 sugars with that please mate

  40. Espresso and probably taste amazing. Would love to start the morning with this and a nice green smoke

  41. That’s not a cup, that’s a shot of coffee (I imagine espresso)

  42. I find it shallow and pedantic…

  43. Just wired some luxury town houses by the water in NYC , they put in a Miele CVA7845GG coffee maker 7,000$ , just about shit my self!! 7k is enough money to buy me coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts for the next 20 years!!!

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