1. ohohoho can’t wait till you get through the game!

    Really love DDC, music is amazing and I love the characters

  2. Source is Touhou Double Dealing Character

  3. as a guy who tried playing Eosd after only playing Undertale, Deltarune and R-Type III i can relate

  4. My bullet hell skills from playing Nuclear Throne and Enter the Gungeon

  5. *Mysterious Purification Rod* is indeed the best menu theme

  6. 1942 was a fun game

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    SpiralLightning25 April 4, 2022 at 1:06 pm

    Skyforce is for me

  8. DDC’s menu theme is def one of the GOATs

  9. DDC is awesome but for a first 1cc or even clear, Seija (that her name?) is going to be probably a bit much.

  10. contra 3, aero fighters and skyforce on nokia

  11. I can relate after trying EoSD after only having played enter the gungeon

  12. 1. you actually played 1942???
    2. there’s surprisingly little skill carryover from classic shmups to bullet hells but it definitely is there (although i went in the other direction so)
    3. play hishouzame, god tier classic shmup and not too hard of a clear

  13. Good luck! Remember to use bombs proactively and get a lot of resources by using the mechanic of the game.

  14. Good luck, I also started with this but played touhou 7 instead because it’s too difficult at the time, but I have now cleared this game on hard.

    Best tip I can give is that you can get a life piece by collecting all items (by going near the top) when there are many items on the screen.

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