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  2. Arkansas is ranked 42nd in education (out of 50 states for those of you educated in Arkansas), 48th for health of it’s citizens and ranked 49th in overall quality of life. Glad Huckabee is focusing on the important issues facing her victims, er constituents.

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  4. You don’t have to ban “latinx”. Nobody uses it to begin with, you fool.

  5. How true, the priorities of the left and the right. To ban the use of Latinx is one thing, but to make it your top priority is a whole other level.

  6. Hyuk-abee Sanders looks like the Mucinex monster

  7. Wait… huckster sanders is a governor?

    Lmfao. Arkansas.

  8. Just remember folks, focus on the fact that Sanders is a shitty governor and person. It’s just happy coincidence that her outward appearance reflects the garbage monster that she is on the inside.

  9. Latinx is a stupid fuckin term but banning it is def just optics garbage.

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  11. To be fair, the governor is only doing what her constituents expect.
    Without self-righteousness, the GOP would have no platform or boogieman.

  12. Shall we compare the standard of living in Massachusetts versus Arkansas for the Conservatives?

    Starting with Massachusetts not smelling like sulfur.

  13. When rednecks have misplaced anger they vote for angry rednecks.

  14. Free speech people love to limit speech and somehow do not see any irony in that

  15. When your State constantly ranks in the 40s for indicators and you want to keep it there, Vote Republican.

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    quietflowsthedodder January 31, 2023 at 3:30 am

    Huckabee looks like John Candy in drag😋

  17. I hate to say it, but the majorities in those states got what they wanted out of their vote.

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  19. To be fair the Latin community fucking hated Latinx with a passion.

  20. If we’re banning things because they’re stupid like the word “latinx,” then can we please ban the entire GOP?

  21. Latinx is stupid and no sensible person uses it.
    But making that your first priority in government is a new level of signaling Lol

  22. [https://www.nytimes.com/2023/01/30/us/politics/new-us-governors.html](https://www.nytimes.com/2023/01/30/us/politics/new-us-governors.html)

  23. The most accurate description of SHS, from a post a few years back was something like

    “A warm boal of oatmeal poured into a Lane Bryant suit with a strip-mall haircut that lies for a living”

    Hope someone can find the actual quote.

  24. Banning it is a little much considering corporate marketing departments are the only people using Latinx. No one in the Latin community refers to themselves as Latinx.

    But, when stoking the base is your only policy goal this is any easy win. 😆

  25. Latinx is kinda cringe though.

  26. Why do I feel upset stomach every time I see Sarah huckleberry Sanders

  27. It just seems that the republican party only focuses on establishing more power in whiteness and the continuation of lining the pockets of the rich. They really don’t give a shit about the people.

  28. I hate anyone with the name Huckabee as much as anyone, but the word “Latinx” is made up by white folks who are trying to de-gender a language in which literally everything has a gender.

    Latinos and latinas overwhelmingly do not use the phrase. Most Spanish speaking immigrants find it offensive. So, yeah, fuck Latinx.

    Source: https://www.pewresearch.org/hispanic/2020/08/11/about-one-in-four-u-s-hispanics-have-heard-of-latinx-but-just-3-use-it/

  29. Latinx is a very stupid attempt by westerners (white people to be specific). In my language, and many others, even non animate objects are gendered. Like yogurt. So I don’t understand what logic they used to create a word that doesn’t exist in the Spanish dictionary just to satisfy their SJW urges.

  30. To be fair, the term Latinx is pretty fucking stupid.

    I don’t know a single Latin American person who likes the term or identifies with it.

    It’s basically white people trying to show off how progressive they are, ignoring the actual people they’re trying to impress.

  31. Trust me as a Latino… WE HATE THE TERM LATINX… we never asked for it!!

  32. Only white folks like the word latinx. Same with Filipinx.

  33. Honestly Latinx can fuck off. Those languages are gendered. You gotta rewrite a whole language to protect your fee fees? Grow up.

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    PuzzleheadedSpare576 January 31, 2023 at 3:30 am

    Here in Arkansas we have had a reasonable republican governor, Asa Hutchinson, only to be taken over by this idiot .

  35. >Banned the word “Latinx”, a gender-neutral alternative to Latino or Latina from state documents.

    Nobody outside of the internet uses Latinx. It was created by white people who were offended on other peoples behalf who themselves were not offended.

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  37. Huckabee looks like the kind of person that takes all the good candy out of the office candy bowl back to their desk.

  38. One of these is a leader, one is a troll pretending to be a leader.

  39. If you told them she was Bernie’s daughter, they’d believe you.

  40. Every time i see a meme about how hot consevative women are compared to liberals…..i see her face.

  41. Latinx is a term hated by everyone in the community it’s supposed to represent

  42. It’s not a gender neutral alternative for Latino or Latina. Latinx is a horrendous non-word.
    Spanish is not a gender neutral language. We dislike the ambiguity of non words like Latinx. It’s either feminine or masculine.

  43. “Ah got th’ FREEDOM to force Y’ALL to stop sayin’ sum words! MURCA!”

  44. sarah looks like she shouldnt have trusted that fart

  45. The modern-day GOP: Ignoring actual problems while creating solutions to “problems” they make up.

  46. A rotting tree stump has a higher IQ than Sanders

  47. As a Latino, I’m with Huckabee on this one. Latinx is a made up word. Latino is already hender neutral. No need to make shit complicated.

  48. Why are right wingers so GD bigoted

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