1. Wow. Didn’t realise the canvas was this big. Can barely see our space without zooming in.

  2. It took me so long to find it lol. Left side, near the middle. Beside the Malaysian flag and kind of close to the white flag with the diagonal sky blue stripe (not sure which country)

  3. So glad we survived to the very end, with all the pixel art and the silhouette on the flag.

  4. I placed one dot, got scolded.
    I am happy that r/place is finished.

  5. It’s encouraging that we carved out a beautiful space of our own amidst the richness of this world.

  6. where isit

  7. So who’s gonna admit they got 15 hour timeout for placing a pixel on the butt lol

  8. What a ride

  9. Aw, we have a little Singapore-Malaysia-Bangladesh alliance going.

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