Final battle in a tournament, bet 100 coins every battle and…

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+448 – Final battle in a tournament, bet 100 coins every battle and both our horses got knocked out….

2022-04-04 13:30:55

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  1. Might it be quicker to punch them to death?

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    AverageStormTrooper1 April 4, 2022 at 6:29 pm

    Kick him into oblivion. It might only do 1-2 damage but it’s way easier than trying to poke him with a lance on foot.

  3. Spears being garbage on foot is my biggest Mount and Blade annoyance. It’s impossible to stab someone with a spear if they just walk slowly towards you so annoying! This being a tournament lance is even worse 😅

  4. God this will take months. Warband equivalent to Sisyphean labour

  5. OP is still fighting. The crowd left 3 in hand days ago.

  6. Kick then a quick stab. It takes ages but it will get you there.

  7. Kick him to death.

  8. Stab to the left of them, then quickly fling the tip of the lance right at it’s apex so that it travels the most distance during the stab. It’s an excellent strategy with any spear/lance.

  9. drop the shield and stab that mf to death( you actually do more dmg without a shield… probably without the lance as well)

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    UngratefulGarbage April 4, 2022 at 6:29 pm

    i’d lose the shield and kick + S + stab

  11. I learned the hardway as well.

    Don’t be chivalrous. You make him miss on that first pass, whirl around and poke that freakin’ horse to death… until he falls to the ground, then – and only then – ram a lance down his throat

  12. Shield bash to death

  13. I would just throw this to be free from the suffering.

  14. This is super easy. In the future put your shield away and face a bit to your right hold the attack then rotate your body when the lance is at a good spot in its attack animation to do damage.

    Honestly against some harder enemies in tournaments I do this on purpose because the AI has absolutely no idea what to do.

  15. Put shield away and use overhand whack like a quarterstaff

  16. why did you only bet 100 instead of 150?

  17. Spit into his eyelids, then tackle him and beat the shit outta him while he’s in the floor.

  18. Isn’t your secondary weapon a knife whenever you’re given the lance? Just switch to the knife and stab him in the face

  19. When you try to replicate the Lance style from Monster Hunter.

  20. Put the shield away, makes the spear a bit more effective.

  21. Time to poke em to death like a game of Worms!

  22. If you can get enough distance you can get a crap speed bonus by walking towards him as you attack. It’s not much but it’ll actually deal 1-2 damage points

  23. Drop your shield and spin with the lance. You will hurt the guy hard.

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    Educational-Might-49 April 4, 2022 at 6:29 pm

    Try hitting him with your fists directly in his face. Will deal 1-5 damage but still better than nothing.

  25. Use the lance on 2 hands?

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