1. Everyone is like, oh wow you got an egg! without asking where your traveling companion went off to.

  2. Look for the guard near the living pools that has a talk bubble.

    You’ll have the option to suggest he put down his weapon.

    He’ll start talking about the importance of protecting dragons and whelpings, and being ready to give your life if necessary.

    “Like Sendrax.”

  3. Hit me hard when she started saying the names as we killed the welps……..

    Glad she didn’t find out I wiped out the reds in my DK class mount quest tho

  4. Emotional I found the legion quest chain with runas the shamed more tragic, as I was thinking from the beginning that he Wil betray us, but he helped us until he withered.

  5. It really saddens me that she died, she was very eager to get to know other races.

  6. I felt her death was rushed and I really didn’t care about her. We got to know her for like 10 minutes and she decides to do a totally preventable heroic sacrifice. I feel like they should have made the pylons do way more damage because her dying to something that does like 10dmg/sec looked really silly

  7. “If Sendrax keeps this enthusiasm up, it won’t be long before she’s leading her own squad!”

    *Say sike right now*

  8. I legit thought they were setting Sendrax up to be a character who we got to know and watch grow into her role over the course of the expansion. I was genuinely liking her and really digging her voice acting and then… OMG What? She’s actually just dead!?

  9. I don’t understand why she did that, my paladin bubble was up. It was unnecessary to die.

  10. The old orc was sadder

  11. I don’t know if it’s because I’m on my period or not but between Sendrax, that fucking dwarf, the baby whelpings and that cute ass baby dragon w/the toy on its head I am having ALL THE EMOTIONS.

  12. She was robbed 🙁
    I was starting to like her when she went

  13. NPCs don’t take the rez, so I assume they want to die.

  14. Yeah I didn’t care much about her, and her death was kinda silly.

    On the one hand, my DK probably could have just popped Anti-Magic Shell and taken the egg. On the other hand, my DK doesn’t exactly have a great history with Red Dragons.

  15. Sendrak made no sense to me.

    “I charged forward to protect this single egg”

    “I mean we already established all the ones we came across were already far gone,- could’ve probably just let that one go to really. I mean we what, gained a egg that we gotta scrub and rinse before incubating and lost a trained soldier? That’s not a good deal.”

  16. Oh man… I went “noooooooo” out loud and sat behind pc silent for a few minutes. Such a gut punch so early on.

  17. tbf as soon as I saw that she was coming along with us I knew she was going to die. So it didn’t really have that big of an impact on me

  18. She died too quickly to form an emotional attachment, sorry.

  19. I was shocked that they killed her off that early. I literally just stood there for a minute thinking she was gonna get up or something was gona happen

  20. I found the character kinda annoying, especially the voice.

  21. I’ll never forget this young, elderly, inexperienced, upstart senior citizen, a character that was presented as relatively young but sounded like was voiced by your grandma who still smokes, who was there and then died and no one remembered.

    Great character direction all around.

  22. I found her voice grating and was dreading having her as a side-kick for the whole expac so I just felt relieved when she got toasted.

  23. I guess I’m in the minority but I did not like her at all, her voice was so annoying and I was like thank fuck she died early haha..

  24. All I know is I’m paying fifteen bucks a month to cry a bunch.

    Which, to be fair, is at least cheaper than my divorce.

  25. I’ll be honest, Sendrax kinda sucks. Super forgettable character.

  26. I totally thought the general was gonna die in an attack and Sendrax would take charge. When she died then and there, I had to take a double-take, then just sat there in disbelief and mourning for a while. I was shook.

  27. Super out of place death IMO. I loved her so much, and seeing her character fumble with the orders and dealing with the mortal races only to die by a random beam while attempting to save the egg feels like she was robbed a truly epic death. I don’t think we need all loveable characters to become some godly powerful figures by the end of the xpac or someone that dies like Ysera from Legion – but I was really picturing her side by side with me in a world quest to defend the zone from a threat or even spotting her in the nursery helping with the whelps.

    Sucks she had to go, but not as sad as the old war dragon that had to kill his friend that he had feelings for (which she never even got the chance to hear because he never took the shot; which in turn makes him feel at fault for not helping her through the decent into madness) because she had gone corrupted.

  28. Why the fuck couldn’t the male dragonhuman have these options for the looks…..


  30. I Was like: girl i have like 3 CD to keep us alive….

  31. No joke, this caught me off guard. I was quite sad. I expected to work with her a lot. The new Taelia. RIP.

  32. Sendrax had this personality that was so invested in preforming well for her people

  33. It’s hard to feel bad for the death if a character with that many death flags.

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