End result of the R/place Berserk Memorial! Thank you to all…

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+530 – End result of the R/place Berserk Memorial! Thank you to all who struggled with us to see this complete!

2022-04-04 23:34:58

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  1. Struggled to protect Berserk, Fnaf and llama. Seems only fitting that we ended r/place by struggling for our llama.

    Such an unlikely duo, but it never failed to make me smile throughout four long days of struggle.



  2. The memorial, Mayreel the Alpaca and Puck are all intact. Good job, strugglers!

  3. o7 Boys and girls. Was a pleasure struggling with yall. We had some great times and great on the fly organization. I’d like to shoutout and thank Chunk, . Dony, Harkyn. Rhys. Runningman. Sillyshoe, Velvetica, Clark, Newt and Huspahrzu. Our alliances and everyone who took up arms. hopefully not forgetting anyone.


    Great team and amazing to be apart of it. We’re keeping the discord around but still reformatting! Will also be convenient for the next time place comes around and we can get to planning earlier.


    Get some well deserved sleep!

  4. Perfect, not a single scratch on him. I couldn’t help the last day or so because I got banned for trying to help create 2B’s ass.

  5. Looks amazing!

  6. Well done, strugglers

  7. Thank you, strugglers ♥ Had a blast!




  8. I struggled to defend for my life and we struggled to the last path the best part was not the end it was the steps to the end

  9. I was there from minute 1 and it has been an honor fellas!

  10. we did it strugglers. keep on fighting. <3

  11. Was an honor fighting besides you all o7

  12. Excellent!

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    soggyrockingchair April 5, 2022 at 1:14 am

    hell yeah

  14. Good Ending.

  15. I’m happy I did my part. It was literally the only piece I cared about and used all my tiles on. Love this fanbase.

  16. Gonna miss you, 628, 236.

  17. I fought to the end, we all did, and I’m proud of this community. RIP Miura

  18. Defended Guts with everything I had. Struggle on, friends!

  19. The puck’s face is the same that everybody have seeing that perfect masterpiece of a Guts without a scratch or a red eye

  20. Spent all my time cleaning up boogers but it was worth it

  21. Yes, well done everyone!!

  22. My favorite mural

  23. its perfect. great job to everyone who helped making it

  24. I never wanna see puck with fuckboi eyebrows ever again

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    pocketmonsterscel April 5, 2022 at 1:14 am

    Hail Miura!

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