1. He’s being very un-dude..

  2. Imagine being so dumb that you think you’re superior for NOT covering your mouth when you sneeze.

  3. An uncovered sneeze can project spray 6-8 feet. You are a top-tier fucking asshole if you don’t cover your mouth when you sneeze in public.

  4. Fatties body language shows he’s nervous while the masked guy maintains contact. Who’s the pussy?

  5. Lacks: compassion, humility, and self respect

    Excessive: ego, aggression, and pride

    My man’s (who sneezed with his mouth open) needs to do a lot of soul searching. His trauma is spilling into the real world and we all know the real world is less forgiving.

  6. It’s always been common courtesy to cover your mouth.

  7. Texas is to America as America is to the rest of the world.

  8. I would have changed seats. You aren’t going to change a knuckle dragging, covid denying simpleton.

  9. Sounds like dude needs to learn some Texas-sized manners. Even before the pandemic, sneezing without covering your mouth (or at least turning your head) was considered quite rude around here

  10. America really does have some of the trashiest fuckin losers, especially Texas. Absolutely sick of “let’s not give a shit and be an asshole” being just SO POPULAR here. Fuckin shithole, and not because of poverty or war, but because of our people. I wish I could say “well he’s just a dumb kid” but this behavior is definitely not confined to just American children

  11. A crop dusting is in order

  12. Sneeze in his face, and when he gets mad call him a pussy.

  13. Texas dood has already closed his mind, his mouth should follow.

  14. When you never learned about the chain of infection in school because “liberal indoctrination is stupid”

  15. That’s just an asshole waiting for the chance to rant about political shit…his Memaw would’ve corrected for the same shit back home.

  16. Lol covering your mouth when you sneeze has been a thing since before California liberals ever existed you AFM.

  17. Nasty ass troglodytes

  18. Reply
    CannotFuckingBelieve December 4, 2022 at 12:56 am

    I’m guessing the toilet clown from Texas was the one who put the caption up, because he said “close” instead of “cover”, like people are out there going “Fuck, I’m about to sneeze, better completely shut my mouth and just let it all blast out of my nostrils and eye sockets!”

  19. Wow, he even managed to throw in a racist accent. This dude’s a top tier certified asshat for sure!

  20. Texans are bullshit. Oh everything is big, like hats and belt buckles. Fucking clowns. You lazy ignorant hicks can’t even make it through a winter in the year 2022 without turning significant amounts of your population into corpsicles. Shut the fuck up with your lies about “self-reliance” and “toughness”. And how many times have you re-elected Ted Cruise? Hot damn that’s some trash people to go and keep doing a thing like that.

    Worst insult of all I have for you, I’m from Florida and I can STILL say all that shit without shame. Texans are that fucking stupid.

  21. “People like you…”

    Man that’s the funniest shit 😂 idiots always think you are the idiot 😂

  22. His mama didn’t raise him right. Ugh what a pig

  23. Ngl don’t know if I would’ve had the willpower to not punch him for that man

  24. Piece of garbage with serious unvaccinated personal hygiene issues.

  25. Fuck him and his mom.

  26. As a Texan….*sigh*

  27. Toddlers in my state have better basic hygienic education than adults in the South. People literally don’t get how masks work but we all learned to sneeze into our sleeves as kids. Brainwashed idiots

  28. Show me you are an ass hole without telling me?

  29. As a fellow Texan, I don’t side with his view point and probably would have threw hands.

    COVER YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU SNEEZE! You Nasty sum-bitch!

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