1. “Just cuz [the defense] has the time to rotate doesn’t mean they will”

    This is a man who’s never played in Iron lol.

  2. The biggest problem in solo que is people don’t know how to fuckin default and a lot of the times teams rotate super fast, especially in the beginning of the game.

  3. I’ve clocked hundreds of hours in valorant since beta, peaked plat 3, and I’m still not sure how to react when the enemy team uses stall utility. Like, what are the key variables that determine whether you should:

    A. Push through the stall utility, whether that be a molly, slow or smoke

    B. Quickly rotate off to the other site

    C. Cut noise, wait for stall utility to disappear, and then re-hit.

    The hardest thing to deal with in these situations in my gold/plat elos is you can never fully trust your own teammates to follow comms, particularly when that comm is to chill out and wait for a few seconds. I find that people get very reactive, and feel like they need to do SOMETHING in response to enemy util when in reality a lot of times the best move is to stay quiet and wait for the util to disappear. I can be super vocal and say to my team “let’s cut noise and re-hit after omen gets his smoke back, or after viper’s gas is recharged”, but there will inevitably be teammates who decide to press W key and push through a nade or smoke, and then flame the team for baiting.

  4. Hey guys, this is just a little snippet I had with a student about dealing with stall utility. He asked a lot of good questions such as what is a default and how to expect a wide swing just to name a few. If you’d like to see the rest of the video, check it out here : https://youtu.be/7O2-tCNVV8Q

    If you have any questions, let me know!

  5. I wish more people understood this on Attack.

    We don’t need to 5 man push one spot every single round. But that is sort of the natural way things go in solo queue.

    I see this on Ascent a lot. No one wants to take mid control on Attack. Instead everyone is just bunched up on A main choke and it doesn’t go well.

    Same with Defense. You want to fight for mid control so the Attackers only have one route onto either site. Making it easier for your team to hold the choke point.

    A lot of low ELO players don’t understand the importance of a Controller, and uh…taking CONTROL over an area.

  6. [deleted]

  7. Wasn’t expecting Zucc to join the discussion

  8. Power through, flash out and go in and hit heads.

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